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Paul & Trina Hinen - Reno NV Posted 07/20/18

Photos of my 1929 Model A Fords, inherited from my Father in 1997. They were restored for my Son's wedding in 2000 and used in multiple weddings and graduations since then. Stock engine, paint is "Root Beer Brown" which normally looks brown, but various light it takes on a copper tone.

The top photo other shows my 1929 Truck with my car (to show the normal brown color) taken in front of our home.

The bottom picture shows our car in Washoe Valley, Nevada.

Both A's belonged to my Father before he passed away. They are currently owned by my wife Trina and I, we make our home in Reno, Nevada.

I will be passing both cars on to my sons someday.




Steve Freeman - Centralia, WA
Posted April 11,2010

I've been a member of MAFCA off and on since 1972, first as a twenty something with a late ’31 Coupe I’d driven in college then disassembled “to restore” and a ’29 Panel Delivery survivor. The Panel was pictured in several issues of The Restorer as I drove it on many tours around Washington State in the ‘70’s and as a restored vehicle in 2004..

About three years ago, I bought a 1931 Standard Phaeton kit car. It was manufactured in Canada and taken off the road there in the '50's. In 1958 the owner took it apart "to restore it". He didn't make it! In about 1983, he sold it to a man from the Seattle area. He worked diligently on the car for several years, completing the chassis and the bodywork but was injured in an auto accident before he was able to complete the project. It took me two trips with a car trailer and pickup to get all of the parts home. I finished the car a couple of weeks ago and am very pleased with it.

In 1942, my father was 16 years old. His first car was a 1930 Chevrolet coupe but within a few weeks, he realized he had made a mistake, sold the Chevy and bought a '30 Ford Standard Coupe. He courted my mother in that car. They married in 1944. In 1948, Dad drove the "A" through a snowstorm between Mt. Shasta and Weed, California to get Mom to the hospital for my birth. I had a small, metal-framed canvas bed which sat next to the right door, mom sat between it and Dad. Mom had to cut a hole in the canvas for the choke rod!

Not long after my birth, Mom drove the “A” from Mt. Shasta, California to San Diego to pick up Dad when he attended a National Guard camp after he had been discharged from the Navy at the end of the war. On that trip, she met several nice policemen and truck drivers as she parked along side the road to heat my bottle on the exhaust manifold of the “A”!

Two years later, they made that trip again for my sister's birth. The coupe was getting a bit crowded with my bed on the seat and my sister lying on the rear window tray. Soon thereafter, they retired the "A" and bought a used '46 ford 2 door sedan. The "A" sat in the yard of my grandparents in Dunsmuir California.

Sometime in the mid '50's we moved to Klamath Falls, Ore. and the "A" joined us. In 1958, Dad was transferred to Wenatchee, WA and the "A" went back to Dunsmuir. In the '60's it made it to Wenatchee. When I was about 14, Dad said he was ready to start restoring the car and asked me to take the "A" apart...totally apart! I got it apart so well that it stayed in pieces for the next 30 years! Dad's physical and mental health were failing by then but his spirit was strong. A dear friend of his, who was a retired body man, offered to help him put the car back together. They spent countless hours in the shop. Often Dad sat on a stool, sorting bolts, nuts and washers or doing other small jobs that allowed him to feel he was helping with the project. I was able to drive my folks around the yard in the “A” at their 50th anniversary celebration. Dad was unable to drive it, but the smile on his face told the story of an old love renewed.

Not long after that, my folks gave both of my sisters and me a car for Christmas. Since I already had the Panel Delivery, my youngest sister got the "A". We lost dad a couple of years later and the car stayed in the basement shop. Two weeks ago, I trailed it to my shop to finish the job I'd started almost 50 years ago. Last week, my baby sis drove the "A" for the first time and yesterday she and I took it back to Mom’s. Mom squealed with glee as second gear whined. “Yep, that’s just like it was! I could hear dad coming from two blocks away!” It isn't the prettiest Model A on the block. It isn't the best driver in the shop either but it is special. It is painted like it was when Dad bought it 66 years ago. It means a lot to Mom and her three kids!

Last week, I took it and my other Model A's outside to get some group pictures. I think Dad was smiling down on the group.


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