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Photos submitted by MAFCA members of their first Model A Ford.
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Larry R. Kaiser and Lindy Snider of Philadelphia PA write:

My wife has been talking about getting an "old' truck for years. Recently we became aware of a modified Model A Pick up truck known as a Huckster and we set out to find the best one we could.

Pictured is our magnificent 1929 Model A Huckster. These modified pick ups were used by salesman to peddle their wares. This one has been converted to 12 V, starts right up and runs beautifully. Still trying to down shift without grinding.

We summer in Maine and that's where our Huckster lives.

Posted 08/20/15

Bill Henderson Beaver Chapter, Gladstone, Oregon writes:

The year was 1956....A 1928 Tudor, the cost was $50.00 and that included 16 tires and wheels of assorted sizes and shapes and a large box of extra parts. The head was cracked, but I purchased a used head for $3.00 and sold 8 of the wheels and tires for $45.00. If my math is correct the net cost for the car was $8.00!

The picture is a year or so later after painting the car bright RED. At that time I was not into restoring A's to their original look. Drove it all thru High School.

Posted 08/20/15

Michael J. Morton, Swansboro N.C. writes,

"My first model A was a 1930 Town sedan completely original. I had wanted one since I was 15 when my cousin got a 1930 roadster and we decided to take it all apart one winter and restore it. His father told us it would never run again but by spring we had it running and riding around the fields and my love for model a fords was born

But it wasn't until I joined Model A club in 2007 and attended the National meet in Williamsburg Va. After returning home with my first restorer book in hand, I found this Town sedan though I have moved to a Victoria, a 29 Leatherback and now a 30 coupe. I can’t imagine not ever being without one."

Posted 08/17/15

Chuck Goudey of Sonoma California writes:

My first Model A was a 1931 Roadster that I bought from the bartender at Blackey's in Mecca California for $50 in 1954. My friend and I then pushed it about a 1/2 mile to the only gas station in town. After bartering for a used battery, adding some gas and doing some tinkering, I drove the 10 miles home.

This is essentially what the car looked like when I bought it, except it was several different colors. After some needed repairs, the Roadster was my primary driver at college for 3 years. Lots of good times and memories, but we did part ways. That was the first big mistake in life.

Posted 08/10/15

Jim Morris of Ithaca NY writes:

:I bought my first Model A from my father about 1977 when I was in my late 20s. The September 1928 Special Coupe was in a barn in pieces and had been partially modified with hydraulic brakes. Dad had a ’31 Roadster and a ’31 Pickup and planned to restore the Coupe but he lost interest. We put the car body and parts on a trailer and hauled it to my house and I worked on it for 7 years until I got it running with no interior, a 4 mil. plastic roof, and a quick primer paint job. I learned a lot about Model A’s and patience during those 7 years.

Posted 08/06/15

Clinton Osborn of Springville, CA sent in this old photo:
"Here is a picture of my old 29 Fordor (60-C) after I put a Model B engine in it with a pressurized "C crank" and Lincoln oil pump, a McDow overhead valve head equipped with dual ignition (8 spark plugs) supplied by a customized, '56 Ford V8 distributor (using 2 coils) that fired 2 plugs simultaneously.  It was fed by 2 Stromberg 97, 2 barrel carburetors. I bought the car in 1958 for $50 and sold it in 1965 for $900."

Posted 02/17/10 - Clinton passed away 12/20/12

Bob Carabbio of Dallas Texas wrote:
Here's a picture of my 1st "A" in the field across the street from my father's house. It was late '57, a nice summer day - and me (driving) and Donnie Poole were wasting gas (at $0.18 a gallon) on a lazy afternoon. Life was good. (I was mixing the gas 50-50 with #1 fuel oil from Dad's heating oil tank - Dad never did figure out why we seemed to be using so much in the summer).

Posted 05/21/08

[30 Coupe]
Barbara Norman of Palm Desert, California wrote:
My first Model A is a 1931 standard coupe, purchased in 2007 after wanting one since age 16. At that time, I could have purchased a Model A for $100; however, my Dad said no because they had bad brakes! I paid more than $100 for "Ella". I took first place as best classic in the first car show I entered. I love my "new car" and it was worth waiting all these years for.

Posted 04/23/08

[30 Coupe]
Frank Sparby of Kongsvinger, Norway wrote:
After looking at your website I'll send you a link to my site/car and the story of how it became what it is. At the age of 23 I bought this car, and spent the next 8 years on it. Not every day, but when I felt like it. All my friends bought fast BMW's, and I drove a 1963 Volvo Duett and bought a Ford from 1931 in pieces (not easy to try to explain your not insane after that deal).

As you can see from Chapter One, there is a difference on Arizona stored cars and "swamp-stored" Norwegian cars.

Updated 01/06/20

[30 Coupe]

Bob Nevin of Apache Junction, Arizona wrote:

This was my first car, a 1930 Model A coupe. The photo was taken in 1960 in Englewood, Colorado. It had a single Stromberg 2 barrel carburetor on a down draft manifold, 16 inch Mercury wheels, and sealed beam headlights on an otherwise stock Model A. The car was painted yellow.

Posted 03/16/08

[30 Coupe]

Kent Hazelwood of Stayton, Oregon wrote:

Here is my first Model A completed May 1963. My dad's new 64 Ford 500 XL is in the background from this picture taken September 1963 in Trenton, Michigan.

Updated 03/17/08

[Ward Tractor]

Chuck Kunstbeck of Vienna, Virginia wrote:

This is picture of me & my first Model A. It was a 1931 tudor, bought in 1962. Sold it when I bought a 1931 Coupe, which I still have after 36 years.

My bride of 47 years is Karilyn. We live in Vienna Virginia and are members of the Mt. Vernon George Washington Chapter. We are members of MARC & MAFCA.

Posted 03/13/08

[31 Tudor]

Chuck Christensen of Sunnyvale, California wrote:

You asked for pictures of our first Model A. Here's a shot of our first Model A, a late 1931 indented firewall Standard Coupe. We purchased it in February 1967 and still drive it today. An interesting side note: all three of our kids were brought home from the hospital in the Coupe when they were born.

Posted 01/28/08

[30 Coupe]

Ray Horton of Portland Oregon wrote:

This picture was taken just after my 16th birthday in 1961 (the film wasn't developed till 1962, hence the June date on the photo), driving my '29 Tudor into my driveway. It has plastic taped on the top because just after I bought it my dad wanted to take it out and see how fast it would go. It went fast enough to peel the original top right off! I restored the car in 1980, and still have it.

Updated 12/4/08

[29 Tudor]


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