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The Postal A Chapter was founded in 1977 to assist MAFCA members to restore and maintain their Mail Trucks. One of the founding members, Aldie Johnson, Jr.(April 8, 1925 - September 23, 2012) did extensive research at the Ford Archives and the Smithsonian and complied the definitive book on Model A Mail Trucks, called The Ford Model A Mail Truck. The book was published by The Postal Press (1999), ISBN-10: 0967552702.

Mr Johnson also contributed much of the Mail Truck information in the MAFCA/MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. The US Post Office had many Model A and AA trucks in their fleet in the Model A era. They purchased the chassis from Ford and had body builders construct the bodies to their specifications.

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1929 Models

Mail Truck
1929 A Mail Truck 10271
Leroy & Glorrian Nau, Washington

1929 A Mail Truck
Stewart Harley

1929 A Mail Truck 10267

1929 A Mail Truck 10350
Ebay 2008 read more

1930 Models

1930 A Mail Truck 61604

1930 A Mail Truck 131
Gerald Grizzard, Alabama [Image]

1931 Models

1931 A Mail Truck 11317
MAFFI Museum (Aldie Johnson Jr.)

1931 Mail Truck 11451
Chuck Foster, Carlton, OR (Lew Palmer)

1931 A Mail Truck 11515
David and Tom Verna, Wickenburg, AZ

1931 A Mail Truck 11544
Owner Unknown

1931 A Mail Truck 11587
Donald Moore

1931 A Mail Truck 11617
National Postal Museum

1931 A Mail Truck 11649
Bill Case

1931 A Mail Truck 11705
Amarillo, Texas 2009

1931 A Mail Truck 11783
Andy Horn

1931 A Mail Truck

1931 A Mail Truck
Owner Unknown

1931 A Mail Truck 586
Tom Tronson

AA Mail Trucks

Mail Truck
1931 AA Mail Truck 17350
Owner Unknown

1931 AA Mail Truck 17407
Gerald Grizzard, Alabama

1931 AA Mail Truck 18225
Dan Perla read more

AA Mail Truck 18316
Owner Unknown
Mail Truck
1931 AA Mail Truck 18999
David Morton, Lexington KY

1931 AA Mail Truck 19130
Sherwood Stoll , New York

1931 AA Mail Truck with REA sign
Sunbelt Auto Museum, Las Vegas

1931 AA Mail Truck 19311
Owner Unknown


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