Gallery - Strange Model A's

Below are photos of Model A's that are not production models. Some were prototypes that Ford built, others were prototypes built during the Model A era. And some were owner-modified. If the vehicles could only talk and tell us their history.

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1928 Tudor Delivery

Although the Tudor Delivery was built overseas, especially in New Zealand, few if any were left-hand drive and made in the US. Gerald Grizzard of Oxford Alabama just acquired this one, He writes:

I would like to dedicate this article to Vick & Lori Tankerly, they were devoted members of the Central Alabama Model A Ford Club, sadly Vick passed away after complication of knee surgery. I was able to purchase their Model A from Lori, due to Lori disability. Vick converted their 1928 Tudor Sedan to a Sedan Delivery, removing the rear section of the car and installing a third door to accept Lori’s scooter.

This is an amazing little Model A, inserted engine, push button start, 5 speed transmission, Air Conditioning with heat, EZ Steer steering, modern shocks, dual windshield wipers with variable speed, turn signals with the switch mounted on the shift lever, LED lights front & rear, storage under the rear floor & behind the seats. The workmanship on this Model A is superb, the wiring, hoses and everything under the hood looks like what you would expect in an aircraft. Gerald Grizzard

Posted 04/22/19




1931 All Stainless Steel Tudor Sedan

Allegheny Steel and Ford came up with this all-stainless steel Tudor Sedan in 1931. Ford and Allegheny got together 5 years later to create a 1936 Ford Stainless Steel vehicle.

The story has it that three 1931 Stainless Steel Tudors were built. One was cut apart and used for trade shows. One was destroyed in a fire. The third disappeared in the 1940s, only to resurface in in the early 2000s on eBay.

The whereabouts of that car is not known.

Posted 07/31/14

1931 3-window Slant Windshield Coupe

Spotted in Mexico by Javier Gonzalez, who was at the 2010 National Convention in Vancouver.

Posted 10/01/11

1931 Tudor with all metal top. But strangely shaped.

eBay, June 2006




1929 Tudor Phaeton

Probably started off life as a Tudor Sedan.

eBay, June 2006




A 1929 Woodie Pickup

On eBay, June 2006

Sighted October 2002

The three-window coupe -

Sighted on eBay,
March 2000


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