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Model A's are very popular when it comes to having "an old car" to transport a new bride and groom at their wedding. Click on any photo for a closer look; click the member's name to e-mail the owner. If you have a contribution to this page, please send via email to the webmaster.

From: John Nixon, who writes:

Here's a 1930 Tudor in the background and Liz and Kyle Draper in Columbia CA on Nov 20th at their wedding.

The bride's parents are John and Mary Anne Nixon of Hilmar CA, who belong to the Modesto Area A’s Chapter

Posted 11/21/21 [Image]


From: Andy Adams writes:

My son Andrew Jr and Rosalie Baldi were married in Lincoln MA in August 2019.
My 1930 TUdor Sedan was included in the wedding .

Posted 02/10/20


From: Mike Brauch, Canaan Vermont, who writes:

Mary Brauch and TIm Banker were married on May 11, 2019 in a beautiful
setting on Sebago Lake in Maine.

My 1931 Roadster was the wedding car.

Posted 06/03/19



Posted 05/18/19
From: Ron Alley, Culver, Oregon, who writes:

In August of 2018, my wife and I were honored to be part of our oldest Granddaughter's wedding. We believed that it was meant to be in our home, since her parents were married in the same spot 39 years ago.

Our 1931 Ford Model A was the perfect choice for their wedding portrait since it was restored by me and her mother's father in the 1960's. I have personally owned this Model A for 71 years making it a family car all the way around.

Car Photo

Posted 07/13/18
From: Robert Todd, Provo Utah

The photo was taken in April of 2012 at the wedding breakfast of our youngest son and his bride (in the rumble seat). My wife and I are up front and the rest of our immediate family are around the car. It was taken at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

Robert & Janell Todd and the owners of the vehicle. We restored it from a basket case over a 3-4 year period in my little shop at our home in Provo, Utah.

Car Photo

Posted: 05/04/16
From: Chet & Gloria Wojcik, Agawam MA

Celebrating their wedding earlier this year are our son b and his bride, Michele (Camerota), at Newport, Rhode Island. They, too, are members of MAFCA and chose to use our Tudor!

Posted: 03/03/16
From: Art Gischia, Michigan.

This picture was taken on September 19, 2015 on the shore of Teal Lake in Negaunee, Michigan (Upper Peninsula). My daughter’s wedding included this 1930 Woodie Wagon, a 1928 Roadster, a 1930 Sedan and a 1931 Slant window. Bride Kim (Gischia) and Groom (Paul Redding) enjoyed the sunny fall weather and the “A-OOOGAH” parade afterwards. Cars were driven by members of the Superior A’s, Ishpeming, Mi.




Posted: 02/16/16
From:Jeff Elmer, West Chester PA

My son, JJ, married Monica on 11/7/15 in Honeybrook, PA and posed next to my 1931 Model A De Luxe Roadster that I received from my father in 2005.



Posted: 07/23/14
From: Bonnie and Tim Nau

1929 Mail Truck owned by Glorrian and Leroy Nau of Kenmore, Washington was used in our daughter's wedding. Each one of their grandchildren have used one of her Model As in their wedding. Our son used the Roadster, her other grandsons used the Roadster and the Coupe. When it came time for our daughter Maryke to select a Model A from her Grandmother, hands down and emphatically she picked the Mail Truck!

Maryke grew up playing in the back of it and didn't bat an eye about it being used in her wedding. It held the wedding gifts during the ceremony and reception, took a place of honor in pictures, and then we unloaded it and her father Tim drove her and her new husband away in it.


Posted: 08/01/12
From:Amanda Spoelstra (formerly Amanda Uthe)

I have been a member of MAFCA for quite a few years, and I have been driving our 30 Tudor on tours ever since I got my permit. My husband recently joined the club and is currently restoring a 29 AA tow truck, while I am working on a 30 Tudor. We both enjoy dressing in era fashions at Model A functions and saw our wedding as a prime opportunity to share with our friends and family our favorite hobby.  The wedding picture was taken by a friend, Gina Hayzlette on May 13th 2012, in Portland, OR.

More photos here

Posted: 01/18/11
From: David Watkins

This is one of our daughter's bridal photos with our 1928 Tudor Sedan. We've had the car for 7-8 years now and enjoy it a great deal.

David and Deborah Watkins, Mt. Carmel, Tennessee

Posted: 05/23/10
From: Bill Cilker

Standing next to my 1931 Victoria are my daughter, Cindy (Cilker) and Daniel Linsenbardt, my wife Liz and me.

Cindy and Dan were married on August 29, 2009.

Date: 11/15/09
From: Joop Plaggenborg, Ashland, MA

This picture is from my best friend Nico Bredenoord in Holland. His daughter got married this summer in a 1931 S/W Cabriolet formerly owned by me. The weather was perfect on this special day in this special car.

Date: 09/09/07
From: Randy Castellini, Tucson, AZ

This picture is of my 1931 De Luxe Coupe at our wedding on June 26, 1993. Our wedding was in Sistine's hometown of Durango, Colorado. It was truly a surprise to us after the wedding rehearsal to walk out of the church and see the car that dad and I restored over a five year period! Sistine & I rode in the rumble seat as dad drove us to the rehearsal dinner. The next day, the Coupe was again waiting for us after the ceremony. After Sistine and I settled in our home in Tucson, we went to Raton and hauled the Coupe back with us. It now dons an original 1931 Arizona license plate.

Date: 8/19/07
From: Ed Greany, Pinon Hills, CA

Here is my 1931 Victoria doing serious wedding work during my daughter Kimberly's wedding. The lucky groom is Andy Chavez. I was the chauffeur, holding the door open.

Date: 3/25/07
From: Doug Linden, Sudbury MASS

Our daughter, Jill Linden married Greg Sullivan on May 21, 2005. Thanks to our friends, Dick O'Brien and Wayne Champagne, not one, but two Woodie Wagons provided the transportation to the church and reception. The Woodies and the wedding party made for a beautiful site while photos were taken at the picturesque Grist Mill at the Historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA.


The top picture shows Jill and Greg enjoying a quick break before leaving the church and the bottom photo shows the kids, Ring bearer Taylor Sullivan, who thought the ride in the "bumpity" car was great fun, and Flower Girls Jordan Linden and Haighley Sullivan.




Date: 02/28/07
From: Martin Larsen, Walnut Creek, CA

This 1931 De Luxe Roadster is owned by Martin Larsen of Walnut Creek, California. Martin is a member of the Diablo "A"s. The picture was taken at his son's wedding held in Tilden Park in the East Bay hills in 2004.



Date: 02/28/07
From: Taber Roberts, Alpharetta, GA

Attached is a photo of my 1931 Town Sedan showing my wife Samantha, me and my grandfather, longtime MAFCA member G Ballard Simmons Jr. on our wedding day. We originally planned to be taken away in his 1931 Roadster but later decided it would be too tough for my new bride to climb into the rumble seat. The Town Sedan turned out to be a better choice anyway, as the temperature that night in early April of 2005 was still on the chilly side.


This Model A also has a special place in our family as it has been in the family since 1963. I wasn't the first to learn to drive in this car however when my grandfather taught me how to drive at the age of 14 years old I was the last to drive it as that was the last day our beloved family car ran (I overheated it and cracked the block) until 15 years later when it was partially restored in time for the wedding. My grandfather passed away this past December but passed his Model A on to me at a very emotional Thanksgiving 2006. We will always cherish the memories our family has shared in this and other Model As and will continue to share the tradition with the generations to come.

Date: 07/30/06
From: Randy Riddle

This is a picture of my daughter Rachel, and her new husband Jason Kemper. They were married on July 15th 2006. They wanted to ride in a Model A from the church to the reception. My 1929 Special Coupe has no rumble seat so I chose to drive them in my dad Delbert Riddle's A400 Convertible Sedan. Dad is also a MAFCA member. The newlyweds got lots of whistles, hoops and horn honks on that ride. Those Model A's are always a big hit.

Date: 05/04/06
From: John V Tims, Dayton, Ohio

Attached is a picture of my niece Jayme, and her new husband Joel Grezbik. Jayme and Joel were married on April 8, 2006 at Callaway Gardens, Georgia. The Model A, which has been in the family since the mid forties, is a 1931 Standard Coupe. All three of my brother Jim's children have used the Coupe in their weddings. My nephews have made it a tradition to crank start the Coupe for the drive to the reception. They haven't failed yet


Date: 08/07/93
From: Rick Black, Webmaster

I finished the 25-year restoration of my 1931 De Luxe Tudor in August 1993, just in time to bring it down to San Mateo California to be the "getaway" car for the wedding of my daughter, Shaynee to Matt Stevens. When Shaynee was a little girl, she would "help" dad work on the Model A (for brief periods of time.) The new bride and groom enjoyed the ride from the church to the wedding reception.





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