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As old as they are, Model A's continue to be used as work vehicles for many of their owners, a testament to the foresight of Ford in building a dependable vehicle that lasts and lasts. Click on any photo for a closer look; click the member's name to e-mail the owner.
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1931 AA Dump Truck owned by Cindy Omoth and Dave Uhlig of Santa Rosa CA, who write:

Here’s our very late 1931 dump truck “MontAAy” earning his keep! He was born in Seattle where he spent most of his life and retired in Montana.

Too cold there, he came to California for the wine. Feeling the need to get back to work, he’s now in a not-so-restful rest-home/ranch near Woodland.

Posted 04/03/21


Help Around the Farm

Larry Campbell uses a tractor made from Model A and V8 parts to haul firewood and other stuff around his farm near Bellingham Washington

Posted 11/24/20







The Truck That Never Was - 1929 US Marine Corps Pickup

A 84 year old military veteran in New York built the truck about 4 years ago. There is a nice story on it in Army Motors issue 149. They call it the truck that never was. The owner, Robert Omarah, said this in the article:

"The 1929 Military Model A started out as just a rolling chassis. I searched out parts from all over the country. As we all know, the Internet makes this all possible. Finding the correct vintage gas cans was a bit challenging, as was the campaign hat and early WWII helmet. The Model 1903 Springfield Armory rifle was a great find and I found a few missing parts for it on the Internet. It's a great rifle with a history all its own.

Submitted by Mark Whittington of Salesville Ohio.

Posted 03/27/19



Model A ready to go to work in the lavender fields.

1928 Model A “AR” tudor turned into a pickup by a farmer with a cold chisel and last driven in 1947. Restored as a farmer would have done it. New engine, transmission, rear end, radiator, wiring, brakes, wheels, tires upholstery and wiring.

Photo taken at Eagle Creek Lavender, Eagle Creek, Oregon.

Submitted by Bill Jabs, MAFCA Member 45644

Posted 07/12/18



Posted 07/04/18

From Jack Remillard, Retired Asst.hief/Fire Marshal City of Pendleton Oregon

Thought I'd better send in a contribution to Working A's. As you can see, this Model A Pickup is no trailer queen.

Thanks for what you do!





Posted 06/23/18

From Bill Back, Truckee, California

I keep one of my Model A's in working condition just for situations like this.

Always ready for a ride to town in the Roadster Pickup. Riley, my dog, will not let me drive away without going along. I've gathered the parts for this pickup for over 40 years and decided to build it as a barn find original.

If you've never enjoyed the opportunity to use a Model A Ford without worrying about dirt, scratches, etc, it is a whole new world of Model A enjoyment. I drive this more than any restored car I own.

Posted: 01/28/11
From: Clinton Osborn, Springville, CA
Subject: New hardware for my pipe racks

I thought you might like to see the new hardware I built for the pipe racks on my car. I can now haul 6 joints of 3" pipe instead of 4.

a picture

This is part of a project on the ranch of burying about 2,000 feet of new pipeline to carry water from my hydro-powerplant exhaust to the south field.

08/14/13: Clinton passed away 12/20/12 at the age of 72.



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