Henry Ford Medal

By Rick Black, Webmaster

In June 2009, I got an e-mail with a photo from Diana Hudson and Ron Ludford asking about a medal showing the profile of Henry Ford and a medical symbol. The writer was curious about the medal's origins. I did some 'googling' but didn't find much information. So I posted the picture on the home page and sat back and waited for our readers to help fill in the blanks.

What follows are excerpts from e-mails I have received regarding the medal and its origins.

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June 30 - from Jim Spawn, Restorer Editor:
My guess is that it has something to do with Henry Ford Hospital or perhaps a training program there.

July 2 - from Bill Williamson, Sierra Chapter, Fresno CA
I speculate that ol' Henry was the original "Doctor of Motors", a title that was later stolen by the Perfect Circle piston ring company.

July 4 - from Bill Williamson, Sierra Chapter, Fresno CA
Forget my former theory. It has something to do with Henry Ford establishing Macomb Hospital in 1915, apparently for his employees.

July 3 - from Nancy Firth, Henry's Lady Chapter, Grants Pass, Oregon:
One of our chapter members has one of these, although he doesn't’t know too much for sure about the history. He bought it in an antique shop about 10 miles from the dealership in Carmel that was shown in the Restorer article. He thinks the caducei might be a reference to the Henry Ford Hospital in Dearborn…maybe a plaque that was displayed there to honor him.

Our member remembered seeing an article in the V8 Times magazine about it some years back and was looking through his collection to find it. It turns out there were two articles and they are in the Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr 1999 issues of the V8 Times.

July 5 - from Christopher Hall
I’m not sure where it came from, but there was one hanging on the wall in the Ford dealership in Carmel, CA in the 1930’s. I saw it in a picture in California Views Photography Studio in Monterey, CA.

July 7 - from Chuck Christensen, Santa Clara California
I have a duplicate of this that I made from what might have been an original many years ago. I'll see what I can find out. I assume that it had/has something to do with the Henry Ford Hospital.

July 8 - from Steve Mick:
It's a Ford Motor Company Medal in bronze from 1928. The artist is Anthony de Francisci.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any additional information.

July 10 - from Beth Ford, Chicago IL:
I was wondering if this could this be something from / commemorating the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit? It was founded in 1915. (perhaps the Macomb Hospital)



You can draw your own conclusions from the information presented above. As more info becomes available, this page will be updated.



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