MAFCA History

MAFCA History - By Charlie Scott, Shingle Springs, California
Source: The Restorer, September/October 2007

Author’s Note: The source information for this article was obtained from a review of all past issues of The Restorer. Although The Restorer is not considered an official MAFCA "policy" document, I believe it comes as close as anything we have. The Steering Column articles give us important information from the President, the Restorer Editor's column brings the editor's thoughts forward, Letters to the Editor show some member views, and there are many articles describing special activities, programs and progress of the club.

On October 16, 1955 in Southern California, a group of 15 local Model A owners, many who were national members of the Model A Restorers Club (MARC) met at Red Grow's Auto Sales lot in Glendale. The result of this meeting was a decision to organize a regional group.

On November 13, 1955, a constitution was drafted, temporary officers appointed, first dues collected, a headquarters established and the Model A Restorers Club of Southern California was born.

On February 26, 1956, the first Annual Business Meeting and the election of officers for 1956 was held and Art Miller became the first president.

In May of 1956, the first issue of The Restorer was published as the official club publication. The Restorer, by the third issue and by immediate popular demand, was offered to all MARC members, effecting national distribution at a subscription rate off $3 a year. By direction of the parent club classified ads were restricted to the Southern California territory designated in the Regional Charter.

The 13th of November, 1956 marked the first anniversary of the Southern California Region. Membership had grown from 21 members in February to 107 in November.

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Pictured at left: Lloyd Fulford, Charles Gutshall, Hans Ortlieb, Walt Joyce, his son Walter, Pat Joyce, Fred Smith, Ethredge Bleyloch, Red Grow, Art Miller, Bob White, Sam Gates, Jack and Vivian Payton.

In our over 60 years since MAFCA began, hundreds of MAFCA members have served as directors, committee chairs, and judging positions. .

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