Hubley Rules

compiled by Rick Black, MAFCA Webmaster

The following "rules" have been compiled from various local and regional MAFCA events. They are not official rules from MAFCA. They are presented here to give organizers of Hubley racing some guidelines for their events. Most organizations send out the rules to entrants along with registration forms, thus making the local rules known to participants in advance of the event.

The Track:

The Cars:

The Classes:

Class 1: 3-9 year olds
Class 2:10-13 year olds
Class 3:14-17 year olds
Class 4:18 and over.

The Race:

After the cars are checked in, all handling and racing of the cars is done by race personnel. At the time their cars are being raced, the competitors may be called up to the track.

Cars from each class will be pitted against each other in random order to determine Champion, 2nd, and 3rd place. In the final event, the four class Champions race to determine the overall winner. Prizes are awarded for the first three places in each age group and for the overall champion.

Thanks to the Frank Rosin, Evergreen Chapter and Dick and Sam Upton, Tucson Chapter for supplying the above information.

Last Updated: 02/23/2021