Member Stories

Most MAFCA members have a story about how they acquired their Model A, a memorable trip, and so forth.

On this page, our members present their stories for your enjoyment.


My Very First Model A By David Mc Arthur, Danville California

This story is from around 1959. I was a young firefighter in Oakland. At that time we were called Firemen and we were just that, men that fought fires. Anyway, over the fence from the firehouse I worked in I could see what appeared to be some old car with four doors and no top of any sort. One day I saw movement in that yard and ran out and got the attention of some guy that was taking his trash to his burn barrel. That was before we cared about the ecology and instead of throwing our old papers and trash into landfill or the creek, we burned them. I

Posted 02/07/17


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My Fire truck And I Marty French 02/14/11
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