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December 2023

 pictureAs it turns out I was one-month premature last month stating that article was my last as 2023 President. As it turns out I also write one for December.It has been a fun year serving as MAFCA National President. MAFCA is a large club with many moving pieces but thanks to a dedicatedstaff at Headquarters and nine directors in total, all the bases get covered month in and month out. The venerable Ford Model A is such timeless piece of automotive engineering and being part of a large group that is keeping it alive and relevant is exciting. Something engineered and designed in the late 1920’s that can still be a part of the automotive culture is extraordinary.

I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to making our Model A hobby so great. Your passion for Ford Model A’s is a pleasure to experience. Thanks to you all for making my year as MAFCA National President so pleasant. As the 2023 Board of Directors turns over direction of the Club to the 2024 Board, I am confident in their dedication to maintaining the MAFCA legacy. I expect you will be pleased with their sincere dedication to you, the membership. I am confident they will work diligently in your best interests.

2024 promises to be a promising year for MAFCA national activities with our National Convention scheduled in June for Ruidoso, NM. The Southwest Model A SIG has worked extremely hard to put together a great program of tours, social events, meals, seminars, car judging, fashion judging, swap meet, vendor displays plus opening and closing banquets. I look forward to a short reprieve from the summer heat in Texas in the cool temps in Ruidoso and look forward to seeing you there. At this time, we are also planning a presence at the MAFFI Model A Days in September, the Hershey Swap Meet in October and our National Awards Banquet in December. Hope to see you at one or all of these events. May all of you have a safe and happy holiday season.

See you down the road.
Robert Bullard, 2023 MAFCA President

November 2023

MAFCA once again had a presence at the Hershey Swap Meet in Hershey, PA from October 3 – 6. Office Manager Sandra Aguirre along with Chet Wojick Sr, Doug & Nan Linden, Kay Lee, Jay McCord and Wayne Champagne led the charge manning the tent and providing daily seminars on relevant Model A topics. By all accounts they did a great job. Thanks to all for their service to MAFCA and especially to Jay McCord for filling a vacancy on short notice.

MAFCA History: As I’m writing this article, I notice on my calendar that MAFCA’s annual anniversary is just a few days away. Saturday, October 21 marks our 66th Annual Anniversary. I went back to the first Restorer newsletter published May/June 1956 for some “current” information about the beginnings. Originally MAFCA was formed as the Model A Restorers Club of Southern California, with Art Miller as president, and was part of the Model A Restorers Club of West Hartford, Connecticut which was formed in 1952. Mr. Art Grow gathered 15 members and met on October 21 1955 to start the process of forming a MARC regional club in Southern California. By late 1956, there were 34 members centered in Southern California. The 1st Annual Award Dinner was held at Sailee’s Restaurant. Located across the street from NBC Burbank, the restaurant was noted for hosting television luminaries and stars.

On October 21, 1957, the MARC SC spun off from MARC and became Model A Ford Club of America. First mention of the current MAFCA logo is in Nov/Dec 1958. The 3rd Annual Business Meeting lists 1086 members. With a yeoman’s amount of work done between 1956 and 1958, MAFCA was establishing itself as a stand alone club with a growing membership. From 15 members and one chapter, as of August 2023, membership has grown to 10,550 in the U.S. and 283 Internationally. With 245 Chapters, MAFCA is now the largest car club in the U.S. dedicated to a single model automobile.

To continue with this great success, all you need to do is remain committed to the Model A hobby and to MAFCA as the Model A club of choice. Stay involved with your local club activities and assume a leadership role if possible. We need new and committed leadership at all levels in order to maintain our relevancy in today’s fast-moving, jet age society. Commit in the coming year to introduce our hobby to someone outside the hobby and by all means interface with our youth. They are a joy to be around and you never know when you are connecting and creating the desire for a future Model A hobbyist and potential MAFCA club member.

By the time this article is published we will have completed the 2023 Board of Directors voting and the new Board members elected by your votes will have been notified. They will meet at the National Awards Banquet in early December and will be sworn in as MAFCA’s 2024 Board of Directors. Take a moment and welcome this new Board of Directors to their new positions. I am confident they will work diligently to make 2024 another successful year.

This is my final article as the 2023 National President. I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to making our Model A hobby so great. Your passion for Ford Model A’s is a pleasure to experience. Thanks to you all for making my year as MAFCA National President so pleasant.

See you down the road!
Robert Bullard

October 2023

If you missed attending the 2023 MAFFI Model A Days event in Hickory Corners, MI during mid-September, you missed a great Model A gathering. Attendance was strong, lots of Model A’s were on display and there were plenty of activities and events to keep a person very busy during the two days.

MAFCA had a tent/canopy on site with some MAFCA items for sale and a lot Model A advice and information available for free. We were in a prime location and mostly had a continuous stream of visitors throughout the meet. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. A special thanks to Dave and Diane Libbey, Doug and Nan Linden, Kay Lee, Jay McCord and Rick Black for helping to man the tent. Their help was invaluable for maintaining a MAFCA presence at the tent.

Voting is underway for the 2023 Board of Directors election. By now you should have received your ballots and membership renewal notice in the mail. Please vote. This your opportunity to make a difference and help choose the new directors to serve in 2024. Nothing is as powerful as your individual right to vote for members of the MAFCA leadership team. Also, an early renewal of your membership is always appreciated..

MAFCA will once again have a tent as the Hershey Swap Meet in Hershey, PA from October 3 – 6. Office Manager, Sandra Aguirre along with Chet Wojcik SR and Chet Wojcik JR will lead a group of volunteers manning the tent and providing daily seminars on relevant Model A topics. Also, Sandra will have a host of MAFCA merchandise items for sale. Good time to pick up a MAFCA piece of clothing, a relevant Model A book or even Christmas cards and save on the shipping costs.

Also, it is time to make sure you are registered for the MAFCA National Awards Banquet being hosted by the Santa Maria A’s and being held in Santa Maria, Ca. Registration information is available on the MAFCA website and by contacting the Santa Maria A’s. I’m looking forward the meeting and the visit to Hearst Castle. Visiting Hearst Castle has been on my bucket list for years and it will be nice actually check that one off the list. I recently spoke with event organizers and they would appreciate early registrations. This will help them with planning and would assure you a spot on the tours. There is a chance the tours to Hearst Castle and Solvang (Danish Capital of the US) could sell out.

See you down the road!
Robert Bullard, 2023 MAFCA President

September 2023

I’m feel sorry for those that missed attending the MAFCA 2023 National Tour in Indiana and Michigan during July. The Southeast Touring Group hosted a great tour. With lots of great cars displayed in multiple auto museums to the fantastic rural roads through the Amish countryside, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable tour. The pace of progress during the week as we moved along the tour route was relaxing and easy to maintain. Combined with moderate temperatures and wonderful weather overall, it was a very comfortable tour even though we changed hotels and cities multiple times. It is hard for me to pick the best museum we visited but I would argue that you don’t won’t to miss the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum if you are ever in the Auburn, Indiana area. Without a question, the cars on display in this museum are the crème’ de la crème’. Many are true works of art and although it might not be practicable to drive such valuable cars on the open highways any longer, they are truly eye catching.

Another exciting moment during the tour through Amish country was when I finally got to pass someone. Granted they only had one horsepower and I have forty (so to speak) but I still passed them like they were standing still. A thrilling moment for sure since I’ve been passed more times than I can count. I thought I caught the horse give us a sideways glance admiring our car as we went by. I’m sure he was thinking what the heck just went by him.

All MAFCA members should have received their election ballots for the 2024 open Board of Director positions. I encourage everyone to vote during this very important election. Your vote determines which of the five candidates will fill the four vacant positions. A biographies sheet of all candidates was included in your ballot package but if misplaced you can also find it in the ELECTIONS page of the MAFCA website. Ballots must be returned postmarked by October 12, 2023 to be counted so please take the time to study the candidates, seek references if that will help you make your decision and vote! Your decisions are important for the future of MAFCA.

Also, it is time to make sure you are registered for the MAFCA National Awards Banquet being hosted by the Santa Maria A’s and being held in Santa Maria, Ca. Registration information is available on the MAFCA website and by contacting the Santa Maria A’s. I’m looking forward the meeting and the visit to Hearst Castle. Visiting Hearst Castle has been on my bucket list for years and it will be nice to actually check that one off the list. I recently spoke with event organizers and they would appreciate early registrations. This will help them with planning and would assure you a spot on the tours. There is a chance the tours to Hearst Castle and Solvang (Danish Capital of the US) could sell out.

See you down the road!
Robert Bullard, 2023 MAFCA President

August 2023

As I write this article and after months of planning, communication and hard work, the MAFCA 2023 National Tour, Back Roads to the Classics is days away from the execution stage. Elaine and I are packed and ready to make the trip to Indiana and Michigan and all the wonderful sites that are planned. We look forward to seeing all our Model A friends there and catching up on all the Model A news. I’m sure I’ll have more to report in the next issue of The Restorer.

I recently spent some quality time over a long weekend with numerous Texas Chapters at the 60th Texas Tour. In spite of the 103º temperatures, almost 200 registrants from 60 different Texas cities and 13 different Texas MAFCA chapters from all over the state were in attendance. Hands off the Pine Wood A’s (PWA’s) and their entire organizing committee for hosting such a successful tour. From the Sam Houston historical and H.E.A.R.T.S. military museums in the host city of Huntsville, TX to fantastic tour routes, era music from a live Brass Band, visit to a State Park, a winery tour, car games and last but not least, a fashion show made for a fun filled weekend. And I should add that all the meals were excellent and plentiful. I’m already looking for the 61st Texas Tour to be held next June in Nacogdoches, TX and hosted by the Dallas MAFC. Hope to see you there.

I hope you noticed in the current Restorer the photo attached in the MAFCA History section by Garth and Janet Shreading. I once saw a moose that was spread eagle and tied down to on the top of a Jeep Wagoneer. It stretched from the radiator to the rear bumper and in spite of some fishing tales I’ve told, I’ve never caught a fish that I had to tie down to the outside of my car to get it home. And, I might add the fish in the photo is actually wider than the Model A and hangs off both sides. I think I‘d be like Martin Broody in Jaws and wanting a bigger boat when this one swam up besides the boat. Now that’s a Texas sized fish.

MAFCA’s Facebook Page was started by Happy Begg in 2013 with no participants. By 2023, MAFCA’s Facebook Page has over 41,000 active members and robust interaction from its posts. I would like to give a special thank you to: Michael Eisenbise, Melanie Whittington (2023 Board Member) and Jay McCord (2023 Board Member) for all their diligent work in the role of active MAFCA Facebook Administrators and to Happy for her continued support. Even though Happy is no longer active on a day-to-day basis, she still serves as administrator emeritus. Thanks to all four of the captains of our Facebook page who work diligently to keep it operating smoothly and professionally.

In closing I would like to encourage every MAFCA member to vote in the current election for 2024 Directors. The candidates’ biographies will be published in The Restorer, posted on Facebook and listed on MAFCA’s website. Please make sure you vote on the candidates of your choice.

See you down the road!
Robert Bullard, 2023 MAFCA President

July 2023

Elaine and I just returned from the 60 th Texas Tour sponsored by the Piney Wood A’s. Held in Huntsville, TX and attended by almost 190 people, it was a great opportunity to see old friends and a chance to make some new ones. With plenty of interesting sites to see and some great Model A roads to cruise everyone had a great time in spite of the hottest temperatures of the year. It always seems the hottest part of the summer starts with the Texas Tour. I understand all those folks attending the Midwest Regional Meet in Breckenridge, CO enjoy cooler weather including snow! Snow along the Texas Gulf Coast is a rarity in winter and not even a dream in summer. But, I’ve got to admit it, would be a pleasant surprise.

As I clean up the car following the Texas Tour and do some routine maintenance, I’m looking forward to the MAFCA National Tour, Back Rroads to the Classics, starting on July 16 in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. The Southeastern Touring Group has put together a great tour with many interesting sites, car museums and points of interest to visit. After the tour Elaine and I will head over to Stockport, OH for four days of touring southeastern Ohio with a group of friends. One of our daily tours will follow the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway through the Wayne Forest. We don’t have covered bridges in our area and I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. Following this the group will head over to Champion, PA and catch many of the historic sites in that area. Besides visiting a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright houses we will visit the Jumonville Cross, Braddock Gravesite, Searights Toll House and Friendship Hill. If you see us on the road please honk and wave. We’ll be the slow guys in the right-hand lane.

I commented last month about MAFCA’s new membership recognition program MAFCA Star in Jay McCord’s Membership Moment column. Just want to remind everyone that any existing MAFCA members that bring in a new member to MAFCA will receive a MAFCA Star static clean sticker than can be displayed on any Model A window. Just make sure you get your name included on the application.

MAFCA is currently recruiting for a new Webmaster. Chapter Coordinator and Web Liaison Will Langford is leading the search. If you or anyone you know would be interested in serving as MAFCA’s Webmaster please contact Will at: Will has all the details and job requirements available to share.

I recently received a link to a wonderful news story from MAFCA Director Gary Price about a friendship centered around a Model A. To view it, Click Here. The story features George Sage and Samuel Mpare who are both members of the Evergreen Chapter.  Produced by KOMO News 4, I think you will find the story heartwarming and a very tastefully done. Please share with your respective clubs during an upcoming meeting. I can’t imagine anyone in our hobby not being moved by this story and that many have had a similar experience either as a youngster on the receiving end or as the adult on the giving end. Thanks to Gary for sharing their story.

See you down the road!
Robert Bullard

June 2023

As spring comes to an end for many, we are entering the early summer months which afford great touring opportunities for our Model A’s. Predictable, warm weather and sun filled days are great for individual or club outings. Checking the MAFCA Calendar I notice that we have sixteen activities listed covering every month from June thru December of 2023. Some are single day events and some last as long as two weeks. Check out the calendar for events in your area. This would be a great time to meet new people and make new friends.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Andy Scheer for all the hard work he does preparing for publication the bi-monthly issues of The Restorer magazine. Our club magazine is a wonderful compilation of articles ranging from subjects such as restoration, maintenance, local chapter/club news, social gatherings, fashion news, historical information about Ford the car and Ford the man, classified ads that provide a wealth of information on parts and service availabilities and comment columns from the President, Technical Director, Chapter Coordinator and Membership/Marketing Director. I especially like the Chapter News section. It helps me keep up with Chapters across the U.S. and provides ideas for outings with my local Chapter. It is a yeoman’s job putting all this information together and Andy does a masterful job. As MAFCA member Cindy Ellebecker of Wisconsin commented to me in a recent email: “Your Restorer magazine is worth the price of membership alone in my opinion.” Thanks for the kind remark, Cindy.

I’m sure you noticed in the May/June issue MAFCA’s new membership recognition program MAFCA Star in Jay McCord’s Membership Moment column. Any existing MAFCA members that bring in a new member to MAFCA will receive a MAFCA Star static clean sticker than can be displayed on any Model A window. Just make sure you get your name included on the application.

Thanks to Howard Eckstein for his cover story article, “Can You Crank-Start Your Model A?” in the May/June Restorer. I’ve never hand started a Model A and the information and photos shared was very informative. I’ll file this information in my long lost but important info file. You just never know when it may be needed. I try to rely on gravity for assistance when I have an issue but that isn’t always possible. Thanks Howard.

At the May MAFCA Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that one person should not simultaneously serve as a member of the national board and as Webmaster. With this in mind, Gary Price has been replaced as Webmaster and will continue to serve his term as a MAFCA Director. Gary is currently the Advertising Director coordinating and managing all of MAFCA’s advertising efforts. Please continue to support Gary in this important role. Additionally, I would like to extend my appreciation to Gary for his Webmaster leadership during 2023.

The Board of Directors has confirmed Rick Black’s appointment as MAFCA’s Interim Webmaster. Rick was the long standing MAFCA Webmaster before retiring from the position in December 2022. Rick will begin managing the website effective immediately and will also assist in the search for a permanent replacement. Please join me in welcoming Rick back as Webmaster.

See you down the road!
Robert Bullard

May 2023

May is an exciting month for all of our youth connected to the Model A hobby. As outlined in The Restorer’s January/February article titled: May is Model A Youth Month, written by Emily Ellway, the Model A community sets aside the entire month, worldwide, for the recognition of the young people involved with the Model A hobby and is dedicated to activities designed to engage our youth into our hobby. According to the Annie Casey Foundation and U.S. census data: 12% of the U.S. population, or approximately 30 million people are between the ages of 18 – 24. Think of this wonderful resource as our future and we need to engage them now to help set their future in our hobby.

Emily states in her article: “The Goal of the Model A Youth Month” is for each local Model A club to host an event that exposes as many youth and young adults as possible the Model A Ford.” A great way to get them engaged is to host events that let them touch and feel the car. I’ve noticed a marked increase in interest when I let young people honk the horn, sit behind the steering wheel, stand on the running board or rumble seat or let them sit in the back seat. Their eyes always open wide and a big grin spreads across their face when they honk the horn. Nothing like that Ahooga - Ahooga sound to get their interest. Not only does it warm their heart, it warms mine as well.

As Emily points out, “Generally, activities that are hands-on or up-close are the best for encouraging participation and generating questions. But whatever you choose takes us one step further in fostering involvement and creating interest.” Just remember, you just can’t go wrong regardless of the activities your club hosts. Your own enthusiasm for the Model A is contagious and the kids or young adults will respond in kind.

Another resource for youth involvement ideas is the March/April 2023 Restorer article by Dr. Wilber Smith about the Pasadena High School Model A Club’s “third” Model A car raffle. Here is a group of kids after my own heart. They are total immersed in all aspects of the Model A operation and restoration. Take a moment to reread the article and you might see the path for similar success in your local community. Dr. Smith serves as Technical Director for the club and offers his email at: for reference. I’m sure he stands ready to assist anyone with advice on starting a similar program at school local to you.

See You Down the Road, Robert Bullard

April 2023

As the old saying goes in my part of Texas “Spring has sprung”. Daytime and nighttime temperatures are getting warmer and all the flora and fauna are benefitting from those warmer temperatures. It is the perfect time to get in the Model A and go on that old favorite Texas road trip: wildflower sightseeing. To me wildflowers along state public roads date to Lady Bird Johnson’s campaigned in the 60’s to beautify America. "Ugliness is so grim," Lady Bird Johnson once said. "A little beauty, something that is lovely, I think, can help create harmony which will lessen tensions." “That belief -- that beauty can improve the mental health of a society -- and her determination to make the United States a more beautiful place became Lady Bird's true legacy. Throughout her time in the White House, she fought to make American cities more beautiful by planting flowers or adding park benches and by removing billboards and junkyards from the nation's highways.” Nowhere is her program more visible than the springtime in Texas as Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush along with many other common Texas wildflowers (more than 5,000 in total) emerge and bloom in the bright, clear days of spring. Was Lady Bird Johnson correct? I think so. To me nothing relaxes me more than a leisurely drive in my Model A down remote country roads covered by wildflowers on each side. Add in an “ahooga Ahooga” pronouncement from time to time to signal: All is right with the world and it just doesn’t get any better in my world.

If wildflowers aren’t your thing, I noticed a lot of great events on the latest MAFCA calendar in the March/April issue of the Restorer. Lots of meets, swap meets, tours, local outings and even a pancake breakfast. Lots of good activities listed across the U.S. Check it out for something in your area. Nothing like visiting new, or even, old sites, meeting new friends and renewing old friendships while all the time driving your Model A. Sounds like a win-win to me.

By the time you are reading this newsletter, you will have already received my letter to you concerning our unfortunate data exposure from our website. This is the first such occurrence in over 25 years that our website has been online. This was unfortunate but nothing more that human error that we are all susceptible too. The data was exposed in a folder that was not intended to be shared on our website and though not easily found, it was there We have taken the steps outlined in our letter to you and ask for your patience and understanding. I want to assure you that your Board of Directors is working diligently to prevent such a reoccurrence.

Since 2021, MAFCA has joined forces with MAYRA, Model A Youth Restoration Award team, to proclaim May as Model A Youth Month. I would like to say a special thanks to all the young people involved in our Model A hobby. Even though you may not think so now, you are essential to the future of our hobby. Besides two great articles written by Emily Ellway and George Safeand appearing in the Jan/Feb 2023 Restorer and an article in the Mar/Apr Restorer written by Dr. Wilbert Smith, MAYRA has arranged for 19,000 postcards encouraging clubs to sponsor a youth activity in May to be included in packages of parts shipped by twelve Model A parts suppliers. Everything you and your Chapters can do to promote young people’s involvement in hobby is a plus for us all. Since 1994, 107 awards have been made by MAYRA, totaling over $184,000. Also, remember our A World Magazine is available for children. You can subscribe by sending your email address to This is a wonderful electronic publication written by editor, Sherry Winkinhofer.

See You Down the Road, Robert Bullard

March 2023

March is my favorite month of the year. Besides being my birth month (I get to celebrate yet another birthday) it also ushers in the first day of spring (March 20th) and the return to daylight savings time (March 12). With the optimism that comes from Spring being just around the corner I look forward to the longer days and more daylight in the afternoon and evenings. I love driving my Model A later in the day with the world has started to quieten down and the pace of life slows down a little. The soft light of late afternoon along with the long shadows makes for great Model A driving on the rural roads in our area. You can almost feel mother nature’s anticipation of the trees, flowers and fields coming back to life after winter. To me it is a great time to be outside and no time better to driving a Model A.

A couple of exciting products are nearing distribution. First, the latest edition of our Membership Roster should be available for delivery by late Spring. Our 2023 edition will have all the latest membership information available for use at home or on the road Additionally it will have all our domestic and international chapter information sorted by state and/or country. This is also a must have book when Elaine and I travel out of our home area. Our 50 years of MAFCA magazine technical articles USB flash drive is being updated to 65 years and should be available in late summer.

The membership director, Jay McCord had his selection for the National Nominating Committee members approved. They will be conducting a nationwide search for members to run for election to the 2024-2025 Board. Please contact Jay at if you have a desire to serve as a director of MAFCA. On the MAFCA webpage on the left ribbon click MAFCA Info then click on Elections. You will find a link midway down the page titled: What you can expect if you become a MAFCA Board member. This is an excellent source of information on the expectations for serving on the Board.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon,

See You Down the Road, Robert Bullard

February 2023

The end of the year holiday season is in our rearview mirror and we are firmly rooted in 2023. I find January/February a great time to make sure my car events calendar is up to date, get my car ready for safely touring near and far and completing negotiations with Elaine on just how many car events we will participate in. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach so I normally have to pick and choose because I can’t do them all.

Car condition and maintenance status is critical for fun, safe and efficient touring. As one of my favorite saying goes: A safe car is a fun car. No one, especially the passenger sitting next to you, enjoys an unreliable car. So now is the time to get her ready. Check your brakes for proper functioning and adjust as necessary. Give the car a thorough check for loose or missing fasteners. Over the course of year, they can work loose and even fall off the car. Check all your bearings and make sure they are properly adjusted and lubed. Eyeball the wiring for nicked or frayed sections and make sure all the grounds are adequate. Depending on how thorough you want to be the list goes on. Check out a maintenance list you can use for reference at the website; click on References then Downloads. You will find the list under the Technical heading. (Special thanks to the Diablo A’s for this web posting.) Everyone touring with you will appreciate your attention to detail.

As I write this newsletter, I received an email from Happy Begg of the Southeastern Touring Group, host of this years National Tour: Backroads to the Classics. She was announcing that Registration for the national tour is now open - The tour is being held in northern Indiana and southern Michigan from July 16 – 21st. The Southeast Touring Group has put together a great agenda with tours to seven different car museums, the Elkhart County Quilt Gardens, Notre Dame University and Basilica of the Sacred Heart and numerous Amish/Mennonite communities in northern Indiana. Sounds like a must do trip and I look forward to seeing your there.

In closing I would like to encourage you to renew your membership in MAFCA for 2023. It is critical so that we all can continue enjoying all the great benefits of being a MAFCA member.

“See you down the road”, Robert Bullard

January 2023

Happy New Year to everyone! I am pleased and delighted to serve as MAFCA’s President for 2023. I love the Model A hobby and I consider owning and driving a Model A as a great honor. To my knowledge I can’t think of another car club celebrating ownership of 90+ year old cars that can drive their cars with the frequency and abandon that we enjoy with our Model A’s. For instance, I’ve driven my Model A over 27,000 miles in the past three years and I have yet to pass a Chevrolet from the same era. We are blessed to have the “car bug” from arguably the most serviceable and drivable car of the 1920-30’s era.

Many of you that live in the northern Unites Sates have put your cars away for winter storage or at best can only drive them on select days. However, if you live in the southern United States like I do the period from January to April offers some great opportunities to get the “A” out and drive it. Usually, this time of year we enjoy cool days (better for the car and passengers), blue skies and low humidity. This makes for great touring days wonderfully better than our typical summer days. If you live in an area that allows winter touring, by all means get your car out and about. Doing so provides a great release from your daily routine.

For the last two years I’ve served as MAFCA’s Chapter Coordinator. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the newsletters sent to me each month and seeing all the great events the Chapters have hosted. I’m convinced after this experience that the strength of MAFCA is due to the many and great Chapters we have. I believe that the visibility and fellowship provided at the member level is what drives the success of MAFCA. The fact that we have such a broad presence across the country will drive our success into the future. Anybody that’s honked their “ah-oo-gah” horn in a crowd and witnessed the overwhelming smiles, hand waving, shouts of excitement and joy knows what a great car we have as the ambassador of our hobby. So, get out there and share it. You’ll be amazed at the new friends you’ll make.

See You Down the Road, Robert

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