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All of the MAFCA publications are listed in the MAFCA Store. Some of those are

Below are a few others:

The Tudor Book [Image]

In response to many members seeking a book devoted to a particular body style, MAFCA is proud to introduce the Tudor Book. Developed from articles appearing in The Restorer, this new book focuses on the Model A Tudor from 1928 through 1931.

The emphasis is on the body and the interior to help the owner / restorer of a Tudor Sedan. This book is the first in what will be a series of “How To” type books focusing on a single body style. This highly anticipated book is a must have for your library on the Model A Ford.

Order it from the MAFCA Store!

Tudor Book

MAFCA Coloring Book

Compiled by MAFCA, this coloring book has both vehicles and era fashions for the young MAFCA artists to color.

This is a big download, so please be patient.

Download and enjoy!

MAFCA Car Games Book

Compiled by MAFCA, these car games conform to our Insurance policy and are fun and safe. Published in 2011.

Download and enjoy!

MAFCA Chapter Starter

Compiled by MAFCA, this book has helped dozens of chapters get started, with tips on recruiting members, setting up bylaws, holding meetings, etc.

Now you can download it here!



Last Updated: 11/09/2015