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Ford History

Do you recognize this building
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Posted 11/08/12


Mystery Person

This mystery person wasn't as well known as her husband and son, but she was the "glue" that held them together.

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Test Your Car Knowledge

What year did Ford pioneer the first moving assembly line?

What year did Edsel Ford assume the head of the Ford Motor Company?

The Rouge Plant was begun in 1917. How many Model T Fords were built there?

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Last Quiz Answers:

Most car people have heard of AC Spark Plugs. What does the AC stand for?
In 1904, Albert Champion moved to Flint, Michigan where he started the Champion Ignition Company for the manufacturing of spark plugs. He later lost control of his company and in 1908 started the AC Spark Plug Company. His initials are "AC".

Who produced the first V8 Engine: Ford or Chevrolet?
Chevrolet produced the first V8 in their 1916-17 models. V8s were not to reappear in a Chevrolet until 1955.
Ford's first V8 appeared in 1932 and by 1934, the 4-cylinder engine was history.

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