Most Model A owners know that there were accessory radiator caps available on Model A cars, both in the 1928-1931 era and later on. Ford's official radiator cap accessory was the Quail, available in both a 1928-29 style and 1930-31 style. But there are many many more caps and mascots that have been used or adapted for use on the Model A.

Below are a sampling of some of the different radiator caps (mascots) that have been spotted on Model A's. If you have a different one, or you've photographed one, please consider sending it in to the webmaster for this page.

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rad cap
rad cap
rad cap
Bill Ewertz reports: When I went into the garage this am, I surprised and flushed the quail.
Posted 07/17/22
Here is another view of the flushed quail. Posted 07/17/22 This Lovely Lady mascot is on Paul Long's 1929 Sedan. Photo submitted by John LaVoy. Posted 09/02/21

rad cap
rad cap rad cap
Here is a picture of my radiator cap on my 1930 Fordor that I call Mighty Manfred. Chili Canida
Posted 09/19/14
This is on Bill & Jan Ewertz's 1929 speedster, seen at right -->
Updated 12/25/19
1929 Wooden Speedster
Bill & Jan Ewertz, Sonoma CA
Posted 12/25/19

rad cap rad cap rad cap
Bob Perry from Glendale Oregon has this neat this cap installed on his 29 Pickup
Posted 08/07/14
Ron Ludford of Auburn California drove his 1928 A to the 2014 National Convention in Puyallup, Posted 08/01/14 Greyhound Quail - Submitted by Justin Bicknell, New Zealand
Posted 02/26/14

rad cap rad cap rad cap
Kevin Mann created this cap for his 28-29 Model A from a much earlier MotoMeter.
Posted 04/13/14
Take a close look. This is a REAL Quail!
Whibley Island A's Chapter
Posted 12/31/13
Here's a variation of the Quail cap - with wings raised up. Submitted by John Icenhower
Posted 07/17/21 [Image]



My Grandfather, Frank Russell, worked at Ford and was acquainted with Henry Ford. Grandpa drove a Model T with this mascot radiator cap.

The cap was given to my father and then to me and I have had it converted to a Model A standard cap. It has been on our 1931 Town Sedan for the past year and gets a lot of attention wherever we go.


I researched this cap at the Henry Ford Museum and obtained some information from the book Motoring Mascots of the World, by William C. Williams. He identified it as Ford, 1927, Zinc die cast, chrome-plated. Was an accessory for the Model T. This one looks like it might have been painted black originally, not chrome-plated.

Dave Russell Laguna Beach, CA
posted 02/11/14


George Pope sent in these photos September 2013:

rad cap rad cap rad cap
Early Quail Cap offered by Ford dealers
Motor Meter cap with wings underneath.
Motometer with light mounted in front to allow reading the temperature at night. Ford Dealer

rad cap rad cap    
Airplane radial engine like the one used on Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis"
Square and Compass, Masonic Emblem


Rick Black Photos

Rick Black has been photographing mascots for decades (really!) Below are some of the more interesting ones.

rad cap rad cap
Ford Authorized Accessory Quail manufactured by Stant (Stanco)
Quail with thermometer manufactured by Jarvis (thermometer missing in this photo)

rad cap rad cap rad cap
Devil thumbing his nose plus an aircraft engine
and propeller
The inscription at the base of the statue is "The Kid", a reference to a 1921 movie starring Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan
Pony Express Rider


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