About The Restorers Class


Background: The intent of The Restorers Class shall be to recognize MAFCA members who utilize their Model A Ford vehicle as a “driver” through its primary use of being enjoyed on today’s roads and highways. In consideration of today’s modern roads with faster highway speeds, vehicles require improved performance, reliability and safety. This class allows owners to operate their vehicles with original, era and aftermarket parts. While original parts are considered the “benchmark”, quality replacement parts and accessories with the look of the original part are acceptable. Improved or modern parts such as an overdrive, air conditioner or alternator are permitted but are not evaluated. The recognition is to encourage members to maintain their vehicles to a standard that reflects the original design and look, while permitting the owner to operate their vehicle with reliability, safety and comfort.

Policies & Procedures:

1. Vehicles are evaluated and awarded points based upon condition, finish and originality.
2. “Award Point System” - each Model A starts at zero points and has the potential to earn up to a maximum of 450 points.
3. Good era and reproduction parts are accepted; as identified they will receive one less point.
4. Evaluators do not test any equipment as to its proper operation.
5. Visual evaluation only carried out, no tools or measuring devices utilized.
6. Vehicle evaluation encompasses Engine, Body, Exterior Plating, Interior, Wheels/Tires and Undercarriage areas.

Entry Criteria:

1. Vehicle owner shall be a current MAFCA member and is required to supply their membership number to enter a vehicle.
2. Model A as defined by Ford Production (Benchmark) - No Modifieds or Speedsters
3. Engine Block – Model A or B.
4. Original or good reproduction parts as defined by Ford production for the year and model.
5. Paint – Model A era correct color for the year & model. Slight variations or interpretations are acceptable.
6. Vehicle must be licensed and road-worthy.
7. No fiberglass fenders or body parts.

Permissible Items:
(No points awarded for these items)

1. Alternator
2. Radial Tires
3. Hydraulic Brakes

Accepted Items, not evaluated.
1. Turn Signals
2. Seat Belts
3. Additional Rear-View Mirror
4. Right Hand T ail Lamp and bracket.
5. Overdrive
6. 12 Volt System
7. Era Air Cleaner
8. Air Conditioner
9. Trailer Hitch
10. Accessories
11. Radios

Last Updated: 11/17/2015