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For your reference pleasure, the following articles have been stored on the MAFCA web site.

2014 Convention Judging School Technical Seminar Click Here to see seminar handouts for Windshield Wipers, Judging Standards Background, and Instruments and Controls.
MAFCA Forms -- Note: capitalized "F" in Forms

Chapter Waiver and Release Forms

Two versions of the Waiver and Release Form are available.
Click here for the PDF version
- or - Click here for the Microsoft Word version.
Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks Attention newsletter editors and technical writers: here's a handout from Rick Black's seminar on using Microsoft Word. Lots of tips and tricks were discussed. Make your writing stand out.
Early BIrds Article discussing the very first Model A Fords in 1927-1928, written by "Doc" Kalinka, which appeared in The Restorer Volume 12 Issue 3 September/October 1967
Contents of How To Restore
Your Model A, Volumes 1-9
Sorted by Volume Number
MAFCA's reprints of favorite technical articles in the How To Restore series are indexed in this list. The table of contents of each issue are presented here.
MAFCA Officials This list contains the names of MAFCA directors, Chief Judges, Convention chair people and other officials over the years.
Model A/AA Book List Member Steve Plucker has compiled a huge list of books pertaining to Model A and AA vehicles. He has donated that list to MAFCA's members.
Ladies Driving Handbook Introduced at the 2010 National Meet in Vancouver, this handbook was used in the Ladies Driving Clinic. New male drivers: this is great information for you too.


Build Your Own Custom Luggage Trunk - Marshall Lewis

Appeared in The Restorer, Jan-Feb 1975 (19-5) p 6-17
Building a Model A Trunk -
Vern Pearson
Appeared in The Restorer, Nov-Dec 1997 (42-4) p 25-30


RINDEX50 - Restorer Magazine Index, Volumes 1 - 50 This index lists all of the articles that have been printed in The Restorer starting with the first issue in 1957. If you're searching for an article, this index will tell you which Restorer it was printed in.
RINDEX51-60 - Restorer Magazine Index Volume 51 - 60 Combined Each year, The Restorer prints an index of the contents of the previous volume. These indexes have been combined electronically to allow you to search for any article from Volume 51 to Volume 60.
RINDEX61 Restorer Index, Volume 61, May-June 2016 to March-April 2017
RINDEX62 Restorer Index, Volume 62, May-June 2017 to March-April 2018
RINDEX63 Restorer Index, Volume 63, May-June 2018 to March-April 2019
Contents of How To Restore Your Model A, Volumes 1-9 - Sorted by Subject All of the articles in the How To Restore Your Model A series are indexed here in alphabetical order by subject. Complied by member Henry Chauvin.
Revision 3 Index Judging Standards - 2011 Index to Revision 3 of the Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards published in 2011
Skinned Knuckles Index 1999 An old but still usable index of articles from Skinned Knuckles magazine
Tom Sieffert's Technical Index [Image] An update of Tom's 2019 index of technical articles published in The Restorer (MAFCA), Model A Times, Model A News (MARC) and Skinned Knuckles.

Many other files are available in the DOWNLOADS directory - click here to search through them.  

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