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A quarterly publication for Model A enthusiasts who seek to get the most performance out of their Model A engines. Their motto is: "To promote the improved safety, performance and enjoyment of driving the Model A, B and T Fords, and to inform our membership of the racing history of these cars, how it was accomplished, and what we can do today to continue their enjoyment."

The F.A.S.T. web site is

Hemmings Motor News

An antique, classic, vintage and special interest auto marketplace. It's comprised almost exclusively of advertising catering to car collectors and restorers. HMN also includes a comprehensive listing of upcoming collector car hobby events (car shows, swap meets, auctions) and readers' letters and opinions. Each monthly issue averages over 800 pages! A publication of HMN Publications.
Their web site is:

Model A Times

Published quarterly and features articles about products and services for the Model A. Each issue will identify and describe "The Good and the Bad" Model A reproduction parts that are available for the Model A. The magazine will keep you informed as to which reproduction parts are of poor fit or quality and the parts that are of high quality and good fit. It also describes possible fixes to poor fitting parts. The authors John LeVoy and Les Andrews look for products that make the Model A more safe and fun to drive and then test, evaluate, and report on those products. Their web site is: 09/26/21

Model A Trader

Its goal is to provide interesting and practical information for the Model "A" enthusiast. Current circulation is worldwide, including subscribers in the U.S., Canada, Denmark, France, and Norway. MODEL A TRADER contains in-depth articles, product reviews, and continuing columns like the Saturday Mechanic, Tired Truck Talk, and Advertising the New Ford - no fluff, just plenty of useful information to help you get more from your hobby. Their web site is:

Secrets of Speed Society

These 48 page quarterly magazine are for those that enjoy more speed, durability and excitement in your Model "A" Ford. SOSS is the largest "A" special interest group. Written by Model "A" hobbyists around the world. Published by Charlie Yapp.

Skinned Knuckles

This magazine is for the collector interested in restoring a vehicle to its original condition. There is a carefully balanced mix between the traditional "antique" automobiles and trucks --pre-WWII-- and the "newer" collectibles which are the center of interest to the younger, new-to-the-hobby collector. Our subscriber is the handy, grease-under-the-fingernails type of mechanic who DRIVES his cars and is proud of his vehicles. updated 09/26/21

Special Interest Autos

Focused on articles on cars from the 1920's to the 1970's. A publication of Hemmings Motor News Publications. No longer being published.

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