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Drawings and Illustrations

On this page, we offer drawings and illustrations that have been submitted by Model A restorers. Whenever possible, we will include an e-mail link back to the submitter for you to direct questions, suggestions, or revisions.

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1930/1931 Front Fender Well Installation Instructions
contributed by Rick Black, 11/05/98

This drawing was originally supplied with reproduction fender well by Rick's Antique Auto, Shawnee Mission Kansas in the 1970's.

1931 SW Fordor Rear Bumper Brackets
contributed by Rick Black, Feb 26 1999

In looking for bumper brackets for the rear of my 160-C, I've looked under dozens of 1930/30 Sedans. The rear bumper brackets of SW Fordors appear to be unique to the 160-A, B, and C (Standard, Town Sedan, and De Luxe/Blindback). The photograph shows an actual left-rear bracket and major dimensions. Notice the four holes in the side of the arm - unique to the SW Fordor brackets.

If anyone has other drawings or dimensions of rear bumper brackets, I'd appreciate your input! Click on my name above and send me a message. Thanks.

1931 SW Fordor Rear Window Garnish Moldings
contributed by Rick Black, Nov 9, 1997

A drawing of the garnish moldings used on the rear door windows below the rectangular window frames on SlantWindow models Standard Fordor 160-A, Town Sedan 160-B, and De Luxe Fordor (Blindback) 160-C.

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