Model A Instruction Books

By Rick Black
Las Cruces New Mexico

Ford published at least 13 different versions of the Model A Instruction Book published for US-built cars and trucks:
Five were published in 1928, 2 in 1929, 4 in 1930, and 2 in 1931.

This series of pages outlines the differences in the manuals so that owners of Model A Fords looking for a manual that matches the production date of their vehicles can identify which version might have been supplied with the vehicle when new.

The first and easiest way to identify the manuals is to look for the copyright date, which was always printed on the first or second page of the US manuals (although the first 4-5 pages were unnumbered.) Once you have identified the correct year, the version can be ascertained by noting the pictures in the manuals.

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Last Updated: 05/04/2020