Tech Q&A - Troubleshooting

I have a 1930 four door sedan recently purchased. There is a very strong odor of oil entering the car after it heats up. Does it come from the oil breather? If so, is there a way to deflect the exhaust under the car so that it doesn't smell up the inside? Thank you.
-- George Nicholas , Palmer, Ma

Sounds like you have a very tired engine. What you are smelling is cylinder blow by caused by worn out rings and worn cylinders. The combustion chamber is leaking past the rings into the crankcase and being blown out the oil breather pipe. You can minimize the amount that gets into the inside of the car by putting a flexible breather pipe tube on the breather pipe to replace the cap. This is an accessory that has a flexible pipe that is about 24" long to route the blow by under the front floor boards. This may help some but will not eliminate the problem. An engine rebuild is the only solution. In the mean time use 40W oil and add some STP to thicken the oil around the rings and get a little better seal. This is not a fix, just a temporary band aid. Good Luck.

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Last Updated: 01/03/09