Vehicle Classes in Judging

MAFCA offers several different classes of vehicle judging at sponsored events - usually National Conventions. The large number of classes strives to accommodate all vehicle owners. All classes allow for certain safety items without point deduction. 

Restored Class (Blue Ribbon)

Vehicles that have been restored to original condition and represent the Model A as it came from the factory. Vehicles must meet all of the following 14 Requirements as defined in the Model A Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards.

          1 Four cylinder Model A engine and drive train
          2 Engine mounts
          3 Carburetor (Holley, Zenith or Ford)
          4 Mechanical brake system.
          5 Horn
          6 Wheels

Original Type:
          7 electrical system including lamps, generator, starter and battery located under the floor board
          8 Two blade fan
          9 Top and upholstery materials for year and model of the vehicle
          10 Steel sheet metal (no fiberglass)
          11 Exterior paint color and stripe pattern for the vehicle
          12 Tires - correct size for year of vehicle
          13 Metal valve stems and covers
          14 Shock absorbers, arms and tubular links

Original Class (White Ribbon)

Original vehicles in this class have not been restored. Rather, its authenticity has been preserved by possessing most of its original parts as it was delivered from the factory. Original vehicles must meet the same 14 requirements as described in the Restored Class.

To participate in a formal judging event, vehicles in the original class must first meet certain criteria during the preliminary judging process as outlined below:

Preliminary Judging Mandatory Requirements:
          1 Original engine and drive train
          2 Original sheet metal
          3 Original style two blade fan

In addition, original vehicles must have at least 4 of the following 5 items:

          1 Original top and interior ***
          2 Original exterior paint and stripe
          3 Original shock arms and links ***
          4 Original electrical system and battery located under the floor board ***
          5 Original valve stems and covers ***

***Since these areas have several components, the vehicle must have at least 50% of the original parts in each area.

Touring Class (Red Ribbon)

A Model A which has been restored, is regularly driven and has LIMITED changes for driving comfort, convenience and safety. Vehicles in the touring class must be restored and be judged as defined in the Guidelines. Vehicles that enter this class may include any or all of the following non-original listed parts and shall receive no more than 50% of the points allotted for the individual component in its respective area.

Acceptable non-original items:

          1 Overdrives (torque tube type)
          2 Fan and hub (V belt driven)
          3 Float-a-motor engine mounts
          4 Carburetor (updraft only)
          5 Electrical/Ignition System
          6 Halogen or sealed beam headlights behind Model A lenses.
          7 I2-volt conversion and/or an alternator
          8 Steering box with original style column
          9 Rubber valve stems
          10 Manifold heaters

The following convenience and safety items will be allowed with no point deduction:

          1 Turn signals
          2 Seatbelts
          3 Gauges
          4 Fuses
          5 Radios
          6 2nd rear lamp and/or center brake light
          7 Cast iron brake drums

Modified Class (Green Ribbon)

The Modified Class accommodates those members who appreciate the Model A, but prefer to make changes that may improve safety, comfort, convenience, serviceability or mechanical reliability. Vehicles in the Modified Class include: 1) stock bodied vehicles that are registered for street use and 2) open wheeled (no or limited fenders) era-type speedsters or race track vehicles. Only era speed equipment is acceptable. No replica vehicles are allowed.

The Modified Class vehicles allow for greater alteration than the Touring Class vehicles. Vehicles that enter Modified Class may have any one or all of the following non-original items:
          1 Model A, B, or G-28 engine block.
          2 Float-a-motor engine mounts.
          3 Front engine mount.
          4 Basic chassis shall remain Model A.
          5 Carburetor (up draft or down draft/single or dual era).
          6 Intake manifold (up draft or down draft/single or dual era).
          7 Fuel pump (mechanical or electric).
          8 Fan and hub (belt driven) that is water pump mounted. Electric fans will receive 0 points.
          9 Exhaust manifold heater.
          10 Exhaust manifold headers.
          11 Oil, fuel and/or air filters.
          12 Modified engine lubrication system.
          13 Aftermarket or modified ignition/distributor systems.
          14 Modified electrical system (i.e. 12-Volt conversion and/or alternator, Halogen/seal beam head lights behind Model A lenses).
          15 Any non-stock era head, originally designed for an A, B, or C block (finned, aluminum, overhead, or any pre-war head of a
                    non-Ford manufacturer, such as Cyclone, Chevrolet, Miller, etc.).
          16 Era radiators--Pressurized systems are acceptable.
          17 Modified steering boxes, with original style column.
          18 Era transmission through 1939. Automatic , 4 or 5 speed transmissions will receive 0 points.
          19 Overdrive (torque tube type).
          20 Era rear axles through 1939, including Columbia rear-ends.
          21 Hydraulic brakes through 1948.
          22 Hydraulic or friction type shocks only. No tube type.
          23 Era wheels through 1935; including wire, wood-spokes, disc, jumbo, etc.
          24 Rubber valve stems.
          25 Accessory horns or whistles.
          26 Model A body cannot be chopped or channeled. Era type open wheeled speedsters are acceptable.
          27 All body parts shall be metal. Fiberglass components will receive 0 points.
          28 Paint color must be a Model color, but need not conform to original factory combinations for body styles. Metallic paint
                    will receive 0 points, and all splash aprons/fenders must be black; except for motorcycle fenders on speedsters.
          29 Upholstery must remain original style with seats appropriate for body style. Era type material must be used.
                   0 points will be awarded if material is not appropriate for body style.

Model A tools/tool kit are not required for judging in this class. Convenience and safety items such as turn signal indicators, seat belts, gauges, fuses, radios, etc, will receive no point deductions.

Judging the Modified Class vehicles follows the Guidelines for all components that are not modified. The Guidelines become less comprehensive when judging each modification, and points are based on quality, authenticity (era), installation of components and cleanliness.

The intent is to keep as close as possible to the Guidelines for components that are modified. A special scoring process is based on 24 judging areas, and 500 points. Additional specific information is available in the Modified Class Judging Score Sheet available from MAFCA website.

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Last Updated: 04/05/2021