Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund
Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc

The Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) (tax exempt) organization to assist children and/or grandchildren of any MAFCA/MARC member in pursuing their undergraduate education, whether it be at a state university, college or technical school. The scholarships awarded are for up to four years. The funds come from financial contributions and various fundraising efforts from MAFCA/MARC members and chapters.

Q. Are there any fees involved?
A. Absolutely not, the scholarship is free.

Q. Do the scholarship award winners pay income tax on the award money?
A. They do not pay income tax on the award money from the scholarship fund if the money goes directly to an accredited college or trade school.

Q. How much is the award?
A. The scholarship winners will get a maximum total of $4,000, payable in up to four $1,000 installments, depending on the length of time of their undergraduate studies and if they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Q. When and where will the Scholarship Awards be made?
A. The awards will be presented on even years at MAFCA National Conventions and odd years at MARC National Conventions. Winners who are not present will receive their award checks in the mail.

Q. How much of the donations go to the Scholarship Winners?
A. 100% of all of the donations go into the Scholarship Fund, and from there directly to the award winners.

Q. What part does the sponsor, the Victoria Association play?
A. The Victoria Association pays all costs of maintaining the Scholarship Fund. No donated money goes to the Victoria Association.

Q. How is the Scholarship Funded?
A. The Scholarship raises money by soliciting donations from various MAFCA Chapters and MARC Regions, by personal donations, corporate donations and fund raising efforts of many MAFCA Chapters and MARC Regions and individual members. MAFCA and MARC also make generous donations to the fund.

Q. Who administers the fund?
A. The fund Board of Directors administers the fund operations and selects the winners.


Last Updated: 03/11/2009