Model A Youth Restoration Award


If you are age 12 but less than 22 and restoring your Model A, please read about our program. Then check our website for eligibility requirements and an application.

The Model A Youth Restoration Award (MAYRA) program has been helping youth since 1994. Our purpose is to help you restore your Model A by providing financial support to purchase parts and supplies. Since 1994, one hundred seven youths have received over $184,000 to help with their restorations.

In 2022, there were ten recipients. All but two received $3,000 in gift certificates and two received a lesser amount because they were near the end of their restoration work and the $1500 that each received would allow them to finish their projects.

We have four essential sponsor groups - local Chapters and Regions of MAFCA and MARC, the national MAFCA and MARC organizations, Model A parts vendors. Individual donations, memorials, and in-kind (Model A) donations add to the funding.

In 2022, we instituted May is Model A Youth Month as an annual activity that will support the future of hobby. We hope that every chapter will organize an activity in May of each year that reaches out to youth to introduce them to the Model A and the hobby.

Does your chapter support MAYRA? Did you chapter organize a May is Model A Youth Month event?

The 2022 Recipients

Youth Youth
Adam Breer, 16
Castleton, NY
Garret Cortez, 20
Southwick, Massachusetts
Charles Davis, 17
Boonville, TN
Matthew Goodwin, 20
Prairieville, LA
Joseph Maskiell IV, 16
Putnam Valley, NY
Jonah Mosher, 12
Paso Robles, CA
Samuel Mpare, 16
Redmond WA
Brooke Rosman, 13
Elkhorn, WI
Dillon & Ryan Spieker, 18 & 21
Lincoln NE and Franktown CO
Ben Stone, 20,
Huntington Beach, CA

To read the article about the 2022 winners on the Model A Youth Restoration Award website,  Click Here.

Awards are granted every two years. The 2022 awards were announced at the MAFCA National Convention in Texas.

The future of the Model A hobby rests with you and other youth. If you are a son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of members of MAFCA or if you are a member of MAFCA on your own, you meet the essential eligibility requirement. Please check out the website for all the details.

If you would like to make a donation, Send donations to: Model A Youth Restoration Award, 13478 Egbert Street, Sylmar, CA 91342. We are an approved 501 (c) (3) educational charity.

If you are or know a candidate age of 12 but less than 22, tell him or her about our program and refer them to our website.

Donations should be sent to: Model A Youth Restoration Award, 13478 Egbert Street, Sylmar, CA 91342

Visit the Model A Youth Restoration Award website at:

Last Updated: 11/09/22