Era Fashions - Background

One of the things a Model A owner may do is to "dress up" in era clothes when driving to a Model A activity. The growth of this segment of our hobby has been phenomenal and tends to get the whole family involved in Model A'ing. Both original and reproduction fashions are seen at MAFCA activities. At regional and National meets, fashion judging is a favorite event. Articles on fashions appear regularly in The Restorer magazine.

Era Fashions

December 2010:
Don't forget that there is an Era Fashions section in our classifieds section on the web site. Just click on the white CLASSIFIEDS icon in the left column or from the left menus, choose ADVERTISING and then CLASSIFIED ADS. 12/30/10

January 2009:
An amendment has been made to the Fashion Judging Certification Program as of September, 12, 2008 affecting the Senior Judge designation. The new definition is as follows: 

Senior Judge – a member who has passed all six fashion tests, judged in four fashion areas at four different MAFCA sanctioned fashions events, and has been a fashion entrant in a MAFCA sanctioned fashion event.

Note: Anyone who had achieved Senior Judge or Master Judge status as of September 12, 2008 will be “grandfathered” in.

March 2008:
Another example of the new Model A Image look has been submitted by the Era Fashion Committee. Pegge Blinco models another outfit that is a mix of old and new. To view this article, Click Here.

November 1, 2007:
Your Era Fashion Committee has been busy refining the new fashion category, "Model A Era Image," which will be one of the categories in use at the 2008 World Meet in Dallas next year. The Committee has created guidelines for Model A Era Image that will help you to assemble your outfit.
To view the Model A Era Image Guidelines, Click Here.

An example of what a "Model A Era Image" outfit would look like is presented in an article written by EFC Chairperson Maxine Dust. To view this article, Click Here.

You will need the free Adobe Reader program to open these PDF files.

May 2007:
Updated Fashion Information is the first in an on-going series of fashion updates designed to keep era fashion enthusiasts informed of recently discovered fashion information that is not included in the MAFCA Fashion Guidelines.

Anyone interested in submitting new fashion related items not found in the Fashion Guidelines or A Book of Fashion Facts 1928-1931 may send documented pictures and sources to the Era Fashion Committee Chairperson at MAFCA headquarters. The Era Fashion Committee will review the information for accuracy. If it is approved it will be placed on this web site for informational purposes only. If an entrant plans to enter with the items that have been submitted and approved to this web site the entrant must bring documentation that verifies the authenticity of the item worn or carried. The documentation could be a copy of the information posted to the web site, or an era publication from 1928-1931.

The first article in the Era Fashion Updates series focuses on era purses. The link to that new series can be reached by clicking on this link.

February 2007:
"MODEL A ERA IMAGE" is a new category for Fashion Judging. You can wear a combination of original, reproduction, or modern garments and items, or all modern garments and items, as long as you have the era "look". Undergarments are not judged.

You can also show off your era treasures in a meet activity called "DISPLAY ONLY". You probably have great fashion related riches locked up in you closet. Get 'em out! You can put together a display for everyone to enjoy.

These new categories are covered in the Fashion Judging Procedure Manual which you'll find on the Era Fashion Judging page.


MAFCA's latest book on era fashions,
A Book of Fashion Facts, Model A Era 1928 to 1931
is now available from the MAFCA Store


Last Updated: 11/26/2018