Era Fashions Judging

At both Regional and National meets, era fashion judging is a favorite event. Original, reproduction, and model A era image fashions are seen at these events. Articles on fashion appear regularly in The Restorer magazine and on the MAFCA website. The following publications are a "must have" resource if you are interested in era fashions!

To help our members collect and assemble authentic fashion ensembles, the Era Fashion Committee has created Fashion Judging Guidelines, much like the Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards for cars. Both sets of guidelines may be purchased from MAFCA.

Released in 2006, A Book of Fashion Facts
is another example of projects undertaken
by the Era Fashion Committee for the education
and enjoyment of Model A Fans.


The MAFCA Fashion Guidelines 2015 Edition is now available at the MAFCA Store.

This new version of the MAFCA Fashion Guidelines 2015 Edition has corrected some minor punctuation and grammar errors in the 2010 Edition and has included both updated and new fashion information. If you are planning on being a fashion judge at a MAFCA sanctioned event, plan on taking the fashion tests to become a judge, or just wanting to expand your knowledge of Model A era fashions this book is a necessary addition to your fashion library.

MAFCA Fashion Guidelines 2015 Updates - Corrections to your 2010 Edition
        Pen and Ink Update Instructions
        New and Replacement Pages

If you prefer to make corrections to your 2010 Edition of the MAFCA Fashion Guidelines, this pdf file "Pen and Ink Update Instructions" will guide you to the correct page and the corrections to make. If numerous changes were made to the page which affected its readability, those pages are included in the pdf file "New and Replacement Pages." Simply follow the directions given for each of these files.

Fashion Judging Opportunities [Image]

Beginning in 2024, MAFCA will offer two types of fashion judging:

To learn more about Fashion Display Judging, Click Here.


Fashion Judging Procedures Manual

The Committee created the "Fashion Judging Procedures Manual" to assist the Host Fashion Coordinator, Chief Judge, judges and entrants of a MAFCA sanctioned Meet with instructions for planning a successful fashion event..

This manual contains three documents:

The Era Fashion Committee wishes to make this information easily accessible to MAFCA members who are interested in era fashion. Host Fashion Coordinators, Chief Judges, Judges and Entrants of sanctioned meets can print all or part of the information in which they are interested.

Fashion Judging Procedure Manual Downloads

Note: these are BIG documents - around 4mb - give them lots of time to download. The good news is that some forms found in Part I and Part III are now available online and can be filled out on your computer instead of having to print them out and fill them in by hand. These new fill-able forms can be found on the Judging Forms page.

Tracking Your Fashion Judging History

Era Fashion Judge Jackie Brooks submitted the following idea on how you can keep track of your Era Fashion History:

After I spent several days trying to remember which year and at which event I had judged “Major Garment, the spreadsheet “My Era Fashion History” was created.

You may find this form useful to record your own fashion history. I printed extra copies of the form first to allow for mistakes and kept the original hardcopy as a template for future use.

I added a Fashion History tab in my Fashion Guidelines for quick reference. This includes one or more “My Era Fashion History” pages, a fashion entry form for each year, the returned judging results form, and a picture of the outfit worn at each event. Reviewing previous year’s forms can contribute to the improvement of your entry for the next event.

Also included is a space for events where you judged, Seminars you may have presented and articles you may have written for the Restorer. Each activity should have its own line. I hope you will find this useful.
Get the Era Fashion History Form.

Becoming an Era Fashion Judge

Are you interested in becoming a fashion judge? The Era Fashion Committee has provided
detailed information." [GetItNow]

Fashion Judging Tests

Era Fashion Judging Tests are also available on the web site, and the Era Fashion Committee encourages anyone interested in era fashions to study for and take the tests, either to gain more knowledge about era fashions to help you assemble an authentic fashion ensemble or to participate as a Fashion Judge. For more information, click here.


Last Updated: 01/03/24