Fashions Publications

MAFCA has published some excellent books on Model A Era Fashions. Countless hours of research have gone into these publications. They are now our primary source for Era Fashion judging. If you're at all interested in Era Fashions, take a look at these fine publications.

Model A Era Fashion Pattern Catalog

Even when you are comfortable sewing your own clothes, it’s not easy finding patterns today that capture the look of the Model A Era. Look no further! This illustrated catalog details 320 era patterns that are available to purchase for you to make clothes for ladies, men and children. The MAFCA Era Fashion Committee has reviewed the patterns for authenticity and period correctness and, where possible, a date is provided to guide you in its use. The Catalog provides information on how to order full-size patterns to make your own era reproduction garments. (Note: No full size patterns are included in this catalog.
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Jewelry DVD

Jewelry of the Model A Era 192801931. 124 Slides of Men’s Women’s, and Children’s Jewelry.

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Stepping Out in Style, 1930-31

Men's wear fashion catalogs. 58 pages scanned in high resolution. Color. CD or Direct Download.

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Quick Reference Guide to Daytime Wear

This new portable tri-fold brochure focuses on daytime styles and general hat information for both men and women. It can be printed out and slipped into a purse or pocket. Available as a free download.


The Fashion Files

The Era Fashion Committee is VERY excited about our new publication, The Fashion Files 1928-1931. Available just in time for the National Convention in Loveland, Colorado this 212 page, full color book is a compilation of 118 fashion articles that have been published in The Restorer between 2000 and 2015. Articles are written by MAFCA members and cover a variety of topics. This is definitely a book you will want to add to your library collection!

This fabulous new book is only $25 plus shipping and handling!

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A Book of Fashion Facts

Do you have questions about the fashions of this Era? Are you unsure of how and where to shop for these fashions? Do you want to know how to care for your furs? If so this is a book you will want to purchase!

The MODEL A FORD CLUB OF AMERICA Fashion Committee compiled this book that includes more than 400 pages including over 1,200 illustrations from magazines and catalogs of the era, covering EVERY facet of Model A era fashion, from Aprons to Zippers.

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Fashion Guidelines

A manual for those who are interested in Model A fashions. It includes detailed pages that describe all areas of fashions for men, women, and children of the Model A era. A separate section demonstrates how to sew an authentic reproduction outfit. Newly updated in 2015, this book comes in a soft cover binder with dividers for each section.

Also included in this handbook is a brief description of all components related to fashion judging, as well as information on how to put on fashion events for regional, divisional, and national meets, including the form for requesting MAFCA sanctioning of fashion judging.

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Fashion Judging Procedures Manual

For detailed fashion judging information, including checklists for the Host Fashion Coordinator and the Chief Judge, as well as forms needed for judging and to send to fashion entrants, please download the most current copy of the Fashion Judging Procedures Manual.

This manual is published in three parts and can be downloaded free.

The link is on the Era Fashions Judging Page.


Last Updated: 09/16/2019