Model A Jacks

Compiled by Rick Black

The original tool kit supplied with each Model A contained a jack and handle.

The following information was taken from the MAFCA/MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. Photos were supplied by several MAFCA members - thanks to those that have contributed!

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Model T and AA Truck jacks were different in size and weight.
See: AA JacksModel T Jacks
Model A Jacks
Part Number Dates Used Height Type Manufacturer Handle
A-17080 Through Sep 28 10.25 RatchetWalker A-17081
A-17080-A Oct 28 - Nov 29 9.5 RatchetWalker & Ajax A-17081-A
A-17080-B1 Nov 29 - Aug 30 8.5 Ratchet Walker & Ajax A-17081-A
A-17080-B2 Jan 30 - ?? 8.5 Screw Auto Specialty A-17081-B
A-17080-B3 Mar 30 - ?? 8.75 Screw Ajax A-17081-C non-folding
A-17080-C1 Aug 30 - end of 1931 8.5 Screw Auto Specialty A-17081-B - 3 versions
A-17080-C2 Aug 30 - end of 1931 8.5 Screw Ajax A-17081-B - 3 versions
A-17080-C3 Mar 31 - end of 1931 8.5 Screw Noblitt-Sparks A-17081-B - 3 versions

Jack Handles
Part Number Dates Used Jack Used Comments Picture
a-17081-B June 1930-Nov 1931 Used with C1, C2 and C3 Jacks "T" shaped connector Model A Jacks
a-17081-B Nov 1930-April 1931 Used with C1, C2 and C3 Jacks Figure-eight connector
horizontal rivet; can NOT be folded into a triangle
Model A Jacks
a-17081-B May 1931-End of Production Used with C1, C2 and C3 Jacks Figure-eight connector
vertical rivet; can be folded into a triangle
Model A Jacks


Images courtesy of Jack Modlin - Click on any image for a larger view

jack jack jack
jack jack jack

C2 Jack Clone

From time to time, we see jacks advertised as being a A-17080-C2 jack but in fact, it's a clone probably made by Ajax, the same manufacturer of the C2 jack. There are two differences that, once you know what to look for, distinguishes the clone from the Ford tool kit jack used in 1930 to the end of production.

The clone C2 jack has a double internal screw where the Ford C2 jack has a single screw. But the easiest way to tell is to examine the jack bodies. Note in the photo that the clone C2 on the left is definitely "fatter" then the Ford C2 jack on the right due to the clone's double-screw.

The C2 Clone jack will work just fine with your Model A, and the original A-17081-A jack handle will fit fine as well. It just isn't appropriate for Blue Ribbon Judging. So, if you're shopping for a 1930-31 jack for your tool kit, be aware of the differences between the C2 jack and its clone. --Rick Black

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