Model AA Jacks

Compiled by Rick Black

All AA trucks were delivered with a 13-piece tool kit. The tool kits were identical to the passenger cars except for the tire iron, crank, jack and jack handle.

There were many jacks that looked similar to the AA jack, so consult the MAFCA/MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards for more info. The 2016 revision has an entire section for AA vehicles.

Part Number Dates Used Top Pad Base Width Base Length Mfgr Handle Comments
AA-17080 January 1928 2.125" 4.00" 6.875 Walker AA-17081 Ratchet
AA-17080 1928-Sep 1931 1.625" 4.00" 6" Walker AA-17081 Gear Drive
AA-17080-B Sep 1931
2.000" 4.125" 6.125" Walker AA-17081 Gear Drive
BB-17080-B 1932 2.000" 4.125" 6.125" Walker BB-17081 Similar to AA-17080-B but with 3/8" hole in base



AA Jacks
Figure 1 from Judging Standards, pg E-91
AA Jack Handles
Figure 2 from Judging Standards, pg E-91

Notice the following details:

  • Ford script on ratchet near handle opening (some scripts were upside-down)
  • Internal screw is visible through upright post
  • Collar under top pad varied between early and late models
  • Notice there is no hole in the base (BB jacks had a 3/8" hole.)
  • Ratchet fastened to side gear with either 1 1/4" rivet or slotted screw. This one has the rivet.

There were three handles used with this jack; all were 24" long and made from flat steel, 1.25" wide, and had a bend 4" from each end. The spoon end varied in shape and so did the hole in the handle.

Click for photo of the three styles of handles [Image]

Model T and A jacks were different in size and weight.
See: A JacksModel T Jacks

Last Updated: 02/12/2022