Model AA Jacks

Compiled by Rick Black and Neil Wilson

All 1928—1929 AA trucks were delivered with a 13-piece tool kit. All 1930—1932 AA trucks were delivered with a 15-piece tool kit. The tool kits were identical to the passenger cars except for the tire iron, crank, jack, jack handle, and (for 1930—1932) a separate wheel nut wrench and handle was included.

There were many jacks that looked similar to the AA jack, so consult the MAFCA/MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards for more info. The 2016 revision has an entire section for AA vehicles.



AA Jacks
Figure 1 from Judging Standards, pg E-91
AA Jack Handles
Figure 2 from Judging Standards, pg E-91

Notice the following details for AA-17080 d2 jack (refer to image at left):

  • Ford script on ratchet near handle opening. Other casting lettering as shown in photograph.
  • Internal screw is visible through single opening in upright post
  • Ratchet fastened to side gear with a 1.43" diameter head rivet (shown). Alternate was a case with an integral shaft for ratchet gear and fastened with 1.275 x .11 keyed washer, 3/8-16 x 3/4 round-head slotted screw, and lock washer.

There were two AA-17081 handles used with the AA-17080 d1–d2 jacks; both were 24" long and made from flat steel, 1" wide, and had a bend 5" from each end.

The AA-17080-B jack used the AA-17080 d2 handle.

Model T and A jacks were different in size and weight.
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