Tech Q&A - Tools

By Rick Black

These tools are described in detail in the "Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards" published jointly by MAFCA and MARC.

The original tool kit supplied with Model A and AA vehicles consisted of the following 13 items:

  1. Adjustable Wrench
  2. Engine Crank and Wheel Lug Wrench
  3. Grease Gun
  4. Instruction/Owner's Manual
  5. Jack and Handle
  6. Oil Can (thru May 1928)
  7. Open End Wrenches - 7/16 x 1/2 & 9/16 x 5/8
  8. Pliers (screwdriver blade on end of handle)
  9. Screw driver
  10. Spark Plug/Cylinder Nut wrench
  11. Tire Iron
  12. Tire Pump
  13. Tool Bag

Accessory Tools are listed
in the ACCESSORIES section

Tool Part Numbers:

Many people see old tools with a FORD script on them and assume they're for a Model A or Model T. What I've found interesting is that few, if any, Model A tools had part numbers on them! Model T tools did, most of the time. And beginning in 1932, almost all Ford tools had a part number on them that also identifies the first year they were used. And the same numbering system is stilll used today.

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Last Updated: 01/24/2019