Vehicle Judging - Becoming a Judge

For many members, there is a strong attraction and motivation to learn more about the Model A and how it was when it was brand new. There are many levels of interest, ranging from casual to very precise and detail oriented.

One of the very best and most fun ways to learn more about this hobby is to get involved with vehicle judging. In the process of becoming a proficient vehicle judge, you will gain the knowledge you seek, and share in the experience of judging some of the finest examples of restored and original Model A's in the world. By getting involved, you will also quite likely establish long-lasting friendships with other members having the same interests.
No matter what your level of interest or experience is, it is as easy as "1,2,3" to become a vehicle judge. The benefits are intangible. Ask any of your friends or club members who are already involved.

The first step to becoming involved is to obtain a copy of the Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. The back page of every issue of "The Restorer" magazine has the ordering information for this manual. It is probably the single-most comprehensive source available to assist you in authentically restoring your Model A. In addition, it is a well known fact that correctly done cars retain maximum value as well.

The second step is to order one or all 24 tests (get the tests). These tests were developed from information contained in the Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards. The "open book" tests are a method to determine relative familiarity with each subject area, and are designed to establish a baseline for judging qualifications. Take one or more tests, and send them in to the Judging Standards Committee at MAFCA headquarters. A passing grade for each test is 80%. Multipart questions may receive partial credit if some part of the answer is incorrect. If you score above 80%, you will receive a letter specifying any questions you may have answered incorrectly as well as the correct answers. If you score less than 80%, you will receive a letter indicating the questions that you answered incorrectly and requesting that you retake the test for that area and resubmit it. The goal of this program it to enable you to become familiar with the various aspects of the Model A Ford.

The third step is to volunteer for vehicle judging at any regional, divisional, or national meet. You will start out as an apprentice, working with more experienced judges. This is a really great opportunity to meet others with similar interests and to learn more about the Model A. The more you participate, the more knowledge and confidence you will gain, which will advance you to higher levels in vehicle judging.

The Judging Standards manual outlines what kinds of judging experience you need to gain to advance from Apprentice to Judge, Senior Judge, and Master Judge levels.

Judges Historical Record

The JSC maintains records of MAFCA judges and their status. If you're curious about your judging profile, please contact the Judging Standards Committee and the record keeper will contact you to discuss your judging history according to JSC records.

Last Updated: 09/07/23