Vehicle Judging Tests

2016 and 2011 Vehicle Judging Tests are available here in portable document file (PDF) format. These tests can be downloaded, printed and completed by hand, which will require you to mail them in to MAFCA or they can now be downloaded, saved and completed on your computer. Some browsers will display the PDF file but will not let you modify and/or save it. In this case you must use the browsers download icon to download the pdf file. The download icon is usually located in the upper right portion of the browser screen.

If you complete the forms on your computer, you can email the finished test directly to the Judging Standards Committee. (Note: This information is supplied with each test.)

Blue Ribbon, Touring and Original Judging Tests

Test 01 2011.pdf Engine Compartment Test 02 2011.pdf Electrical System
Test 03 2011.pdf Cooling System Test 04 2011.pdf Undercarriage
Test 05 2016.pdf Exhaust System Test 06 2011.pdf Instruments and Controls
Test 07 2011.pdf Brakes Test 08 2011.pdf Steering Column
Test 09 2016.pdf Top Test 10 2016.pdf Glass and Side Curtains
Test 11 2016.pdf Carpets and Mats Test 12 2016.pdf Interior Trim
Test 13 2016.pdf Sheet Metal Test 14 2011.pdf Paint and Stripe
Test 15 2016.pdf Exterior Plating Test 16 2011.pdf Accessories
Test 17 2016.pdf Tools Test 18 2011.pdf Lamps
Test 19 2011.pdf Horn Test 20 2016.pdf Windshield Wipers
Test 21 2016.pdf Start and Idle Test 22 2011.pdf Wheels, Tires, and Valve Stems
Test 23 2016.pdf Shocks and Shackles Canadian Test Canadian Model A's
Cabriolet Test Convertible Sedan Test Early 1928 Test Heavy Commercial Test
Mail Trucks Test Station Wagons 2016 All Tests  

Since the Judging Tests are in PDF format, Windows computers need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free
from Adobe's web site.

Last Updated: 02/25/24