Sponsoring Web Pages


To paraphrase the US Marine Corps:
"We're looking for a few good members . . .to 'sponsor' these web pages."

What is "sponsoring"? It's volunteering of your time to oversee the content of a web page. It's impossible for just one or two people to keep up a web site. There are so many different areas, and each needs to be maintained by someone with interest and experience in that area.

For example:

Sponsors collect information and revisions to their page and forward them via e-mail to the Webmaster (, who has the overall responsibility for maintaining the web site. The Webmaster applies the changes so that they're "visible" to the visitors to the web pages.

By allowing sponsors, the web site is more of a reflection of MAFCA members, and not just the work of a few, select people. This is your chance to contribute to your area of interest. We are in need of sponsors for the following areas:

Some of our pages reference other web sites - for example, the page History of the Model A is maintained by the Ford Motor Company Webmaster. If some of you visitors know of web sites that have topics of interest to MAFCA members, we'd be happy to consider linking to that site. After all, there's no sense in re-inventing the wheel if a topic is already in place.

If you would like to sponsor a page or if you have any questions about sponsoring one, please send the following details to Webmaster

Last Updated: 02/25/24