Youth Grants & Scholarships

MAFCA is pleased to offer its support and encourages both members and chapters to also financially support two great programs for Model A youth:

Model A Ford Youth
Scholarship Fund, Inc
Model A Youth
Restoration Award, Inc

As many of us age, the pervasive feeling is that the Model A hobby is also entering its golden years. That does not have to be the case and these two programs are addressing that as "MAFCA's youth is our future".

The Youth Scholarship Fund and the Youth Restoration Award are administered by individuals and chapters. These two programs are intended to help children and grandchildren of MAFCA members, whether in a restoration of a Model A/AA or attending a college, university or technical school by offering financial grants for a restoration or supplying scholarship funds.

Donate to the scholarship fund at the following address:

Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund
Model A Ford Club of America
250 South Cypress
La Habra CA 90631-5515

For additional information about each of these great youth programs, click on the links below:

Model A Youth Scholarship Fund

Model A Youth Restoration Award


Last Updated: 05/01/2023