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Assembly Plants and Body Numbers is a research study by Dave Sturges of Glenwood, Maryland who is trying to discover the meaning of letters and numbers stamped into the floors of Model A bodies. Dave could use your help to refine his research information. Check this out!

Assembly Plant Production Figures is a table compiled by Steve Pargeter of Nashua, NH showing all the plants that produced Model A Fords and the numbers produced by year.

Body Numbers - a reference list of body numbers compiled by Dennis Smith, listing body types and the tag numbers Briggs, Murray and Ford used to identify car bodies.

Body Styles - a reference list of Model A Body Style numbers, years, and descriptions. Now with photos of many models.

Canadian Engine Production is a list of Model A and A engines produced in Canada. Compiled by Steve Pargeter of Nashua, NH.

Model A Engine Production is a list of Model A engine serial numbers produced at the Rouge Plant during the Model A Era.

New Car Prices is a list of Model A prices from 1928-1931.

New Zealand Production Figures - submitted by Justin Bicknell

Production Figures - production figures taken from several sources (watch for upcoming Restorer article with additional information)

Reader Technical Tips submitted by MAFCA members. Some great articles here!

Standard and De Luxe Tudor Sedans - describes the differences between these 1931 models.
      By Rick Black of the De Luxe Tudor Sedan Owner's Group Chapter.

Torque Specifications - by Les Andrews as printed in the March/April 1999 Restorer Magazine [Image]

Weights of Model A's in 1931 - adapted from a Ford Dealer Service Letter

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